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Can you turn a classic into an Al Bundy movie?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) December 24th, 2011

In homage to the indelible Al Bundy what movie could you turn into an Al Bundy movie? It would have to have “shoe”, or reference shoes in the title; such as ”The Good, The Bad, The Shoeless”, ”High-tops Drifter”, ”From Shoe To Eternity”, ”A Flip Flop Named Desire”, or “Pump Fiction”.

What existing movie can you “Al Bundyfy”?

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You need to go outside more.

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The Shining
“Here’s Johnny…the shoe shine boy!”

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The Passion of the Shoe.

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The Keds are Alright

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Gone With the Shoe

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“The Greatest Shoe on Earth”
“Blood and Sandals”
“Pumps up the Volume”
“Heels Gate”
“Stiletto 17”
And every girl’s favorite… “Choos me”

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Indiana Jones and the Temple of Shoes.

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Let the right shoe in.

The devil wears killer heels

Honey I shrunk the shoes!

The hunchback of the shoe store

Slipper (Instead of Flipper).

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Das Boot?

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Good stuff guys, too bad @FutureMemory could not think of one…..awwwww

Das Boot (good one)
The Keds are alright. (brought a smile to my face)
Greatest Shoe on Earth. (Brilliant!)
Blood and Sandals. (Also great.)

I can’t wait to see what new will come up. :-)

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Hyperbole Central

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That has to do with “shoeing a movie” how? Surely you can think of ONE. :-P

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That has to do with “shoeing a movie” how?

It doesn’t. You know how much I love to bug you.

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@FutureMemory Mark my words Future, Mark them well, I have survived your predecessors and I will survive you. LOL LOL

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