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Do dogs have souls?

Asked by Mtrencher (187points) December 26th, 2011

Do you think dogs have souls or just spirits?

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Depends on the breed.

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I don’t think humans have souls or spirits, so I guess I don’t think dogs do, either.

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I don’t think so, because I don’t think souls or spirits exist.

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Hmmm…I think we might be wrong…


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Hound dogs do

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I have soul. ;)

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Dogs clearly have a high degree of intelligence, strong emotions (including love), the ability to learn and communicate, and a sense of self.

That seems to be what people have in mind when they use the word “soul.”

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I think people and animals have souls…...and of course, my dog!

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What are souls and what are spirits? Seriously though…No idea. I’m just into ghosts and shit.
I’m guessing those type of things are the names we gave to things we don’t understand much, like psychology or emotions. Dogs have emotions, or at least the dog equivalent thereof. If souls and shit exist, I’m pretty sure dogs have em.


I think that they’re so emotionally connected to their human owners that yes, they do have a spiritual connection to them. I believe that they still “exist” after they have passed on, just like human beings do. When I talk about a spiritual connection, I mean an energy connection. All living things have some degree of “energy” force. Human beings and dogs have a higher energy force than other living things, like plants. It is this energy that I refer to as “spirit” or “soul”. For me, it’s not a “ghoulish” concept.

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Watch “Weird or What” and allow alias Captain Kirk to escort you to new possibilities for your fine mind!

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This is so creepy. I think I consider anything alive to have a soul. /:

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They are animals, just as we are. What’s a soul? What is spirit? Those are just made up words.

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I love my dogs and if I believed that human beings had a soul I would include my dogs. Maybe if I wish upon a star

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They have souls :) That too, beautiful ones.

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I believe that anything that has a heart beat and the intelligence to make conscious decisions has the potential to have a soul I’m just not sure what a soul really is. If I have a soul then I’m pretty sure my dogs do too.

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If they do not, they should.

My border collie would always greet me each time I would wake up in pain. He did not care what I looked like or if I had the smell of onions on my breath. He was there for the long haul with me.

If there ever was a dog that deserved a soul, it was my Mikey.

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Sure, hush puppies can be quite a comfortable shoe, on the left….right foot.

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Yes, this dog has spirits

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Only German Shepherds.

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Since there is no such thing as a soul, I guess a dog doesn’t have one.

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Only if you put shoes on them.

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@SavoirFaire Thank you for that. It was a bright spot in my day.

I am Catholic. It is my belief that:
Yes, dogs have souls and they go to heaven.
Dogs, just like all other life also have a guardian angel.

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