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How do you fold a fitted sheet?

Asked by ketoneus (1169points) May 18th, 2008 from iPhone

I can do it but it never looks great.

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I fold mine in half and then roll them, I can never fold them correctly

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Probably best seen than explained.

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Thanks, Kevin; I was just thinking of what a challenging verbal exercise it would be to describe the process. Show, not tell.

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Yeah, I’m all for challenging verbal exercises, but they should provide some kind of reward. I wouldn’t call this one “rewardable.” ;-)

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@kevbo: Thanks—just in time for me to try this out!

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Hotdog-ways then hamburger-ways until it’s about 1’x1’. I don’t really care if the elastic part is all wonky. When I go to use it it stretches out anyways.

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I get my mom to to it.

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@kevbo. Thanks for the link. I had the first step right, but fall apart after that. This video helps a ton.

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Sweet. Martha would be proud!

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@Allie, you crack me up. What a description. Also diggin’ the word “wonky”. Permission to wordjack? :)

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spendywatson: Haha, thanks! And feel free to use “wonky” whenever you like. It’s not my word anyways.. =]

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I saw the video. It looks so easy. But I had a suitcase on my bed when I tried folding the bottom sheet just so. Didn’t work out so well. Ended up rolling it as usual—an asymmetrical situation. But the sheet will still be lovely and clean when I put it on my bed next time.

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For any would-be writers, a description of how to fold a fitted sheet is an interesting assignment. I just tried, but finally threw in the sheet towel. This is a perfect instance of where showing is better than telling.

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if you want to take the short cut you wad it up and forget about it.

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