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Who would like to wish Milo and me Happy One Month?

Asked by gailcalled (54570points) May 18th, 2008

We’re both still here. I just reapplied Frontline and was reminded of our anniversary. (Thanks, all, for the wonderful tips.)

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happy one month!

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I would love to wish you a Happy Anniversary!

July 5th isn’t far for me, about six and a half weeks! Thanks for all the awesome advice and inspiration, Gail! Tell Milo I said, “HELLO!”

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Awwww gail, you grew up so fast. :’) -crying

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Yay mama Gail!!! And kisses to Milo :)

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those were tears of joy I am so happy for you

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Nips all around—your favorite drink and a catnip mouse for Milo. May the second month be a little more uneventful.

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Comment #1 he not you
Comment#2 you guys not you

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Congratulations, Gail. Keep updating us. We told you that you’d survive, albeit finding yourself increasingly perforated as time goes on.

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yeehaa, you did it!! Happy anniversary.

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Happy Aniversary! That went by pretty quickly.

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Gail has a boyfriend, Gail has a boyfriend….. la la la la laaa la…...
Milo has a girlfriend, Milo has a girlfriend…. la la la la la laaaaaa…...

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Happy Aniversary Gail!! and many many more!! Very cool!

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And a tumultuous month it has been! Congratulations to you and your (mostly) intact epidermis!

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congrats! I wish you the best. My cat IB (Ibanez) just turned 18 this month. She is an amazing friend and has made me a better person through knowing and loving her. She still sleeps with me every night and reaches up with her paw in her sleep to touch my cheeck. Sweetest thing ever. I hope you enjoy 18 great years also! And then some.

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I’m glad to hear it worked out!

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@all – now that I am no longer the nurse, we are friends. Altho he freaked out when the guy came w. the riding lawnmower and I raised the garage door electronically.

And puncture wounds are healing nicely.

@stevenb: 18? 18! IF Milo lives to be 18, he’d better learn how to dial 911 and give ME pills.

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I have some bad news, Gail… My last cat lived to be 22.

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@D: Surely you are joking? Please tell me you are joking.

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I could tell you that I’m joking but I’d be lying… ;)

Her name was kitty. She had FIV, was crippled, obese, ate through a bag if cat food while we were on vacation and put herself in to kidiny(sp) failiure, but a total fighter. I can’t imagine how old she’d be

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Don’t worry too much Gail. Milo is an outdoor kitty and as syz has already said, outdoor kitties have a much shorter life expectancy. Happy anniversary, btw!

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My kitties were too. O.O

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Too what? Long-lived? Comma or no comma after “too.” Did we ever resolve that?

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Too as in also. They were outdoor cats. Very VERY outdoor cats.

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