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What are some medium-level games that I could design an AI for?

Asked by PhiNotPi (12647points) December 28th, 2011

This is related to an earlier question about active contests. Since I have not yet found an active contest, I may just end up designing an AI just to design an AI. It will probably be good practice.

But before I go designing an AI, I have to choose what to make an AI for. There are many games such as chess, checkers, go, etc. that are too complicated for me, and have had tons of AI’s written for them in the past. The games tic-tac-toe and RPS are really easy.

I am looking for something where there is no known perfect strategy, but is relatively easy to be relatively okay at, but there is some advanced strategy. I want there to be at least some notion of offense vs defense.

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Do you mean rpgs?

I’d say tetris would be pretty damn impressive. Minesweeper would be interesting too. Generally AI would be something in game like in half life or TF2, but a close to AI for tetris would be very neat.

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It would be fairly simple to have it recognize shapes, especially with colors outlining them, but the leftover remenants with different colors at the bottom may prove a challenge.

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By RPS I meant rock-paper-scissors, if that is what you are asking.

I am going to research tetris and minesweeper strategies. Minesweeper might have a perfect strategy, but tetris doesn’t, so there will always be room for improvement.

I think AI’s for actual video games might be a final goal, but I am not to the stage to do that yet. Are there any games that might have similar game-play to RPGs, but is much simpler?

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@PhiNotPi Yeah, minesweeper seems like it can basically be math. I can’t think of much along the lines of RPGs since fights and whatnot are mostly chance.

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If you look around github you can find several implementations, e.g. or

The default strategy is very simple and easy to program: buy silver each round until you can start buying the higher victory point cards regularly, keep buying victory point cards until the game ends. You’d need to develop AI programs that could beat the default.

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I am doing exactly this for my bachelor’s thesis, and have a list of games that might or might not be appropriate. The game I finally went with was Stratego.

Two other candidates I believe were pretty good (but I’m not sure off the top of my head), were Settlers of Catan and Diplomacy. The rest of the suggestions I got:

- Tai Pan
– Scrabble
– Rumikub
– Poker
– Klaverjas
You’re Bluffing
– Bang
– Scotland Yard
Werewolf (Mafia)
– Perudo
– Machiavelli
– Carcassone
– Elfenland (not sure what the English title is)
– Ticket to Ride

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