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What would you think of a new calendar where your birthday always fell on the same day of the week?

Asked by GoldieAV16 (5398points) December 30th, 2011

Such a calendar is being proposed by researchers at Johns Hopkins:

Would you like this?

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I’m fine with how things are now. It would suck to always have your birthday on a Monday.

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I think it’s an interesting concept, but I think the people who are proposing the new calendar are delusional. We can’t even get the people in the United States to convert to metric – which everyone in the world agrees makes infinitely more sense than the Imperial system we use. And they seriously think that in less than a decade, they can get us all to adopt a new system of time, when there aren’t any readily apparent drawbacks to the calendar we use now?

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I’m indifferent.

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What? Do we get a vote on what day?

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I like the idea of work/sports schedules not having to change year to year…but the birthday thing? I guess I could adapt.

@MrItty I think you’re right about people being very resistant to change.

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Fridays would be perfect.

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That’s what I thought, @smilingheart1. : )

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I like having the rotating days of the week. I’d hate for Christmas to always fall on a weekend (because we have to work every other weekend and alternate holidays). It really messes up my work schedule when my weekends are split because it’s my weekend to work, but my holiday off.

I think the complaint that it is too much of a pain to redo a schedule is a crappy reason to change our calendar system, especially when they openly say that their new calendar would not be as accurate as our current system. I’ll take accuracy over convenience. I really like having a summer birthday.

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If you got to choose which day it would always land on that may be a perk (for the first few years at least)

but then my birthday would be too predictable after a while…

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At our house, we celebrate the birthdays on whatever weekend day is closest to the real date, so I don’t see any reason to have a new calendar. What would be the big deal? Anybody can celebrate their birthday on whatever day they want to.

Just like Christmas this year, we have to work around schedules. So we had an extended family party on Dec. 10. First cousins, parents and aunt and uncle over on Christmas, did Christmas gifts with my own parents on Dec. 27th and having Christmas with my brother and his family next week. The actual day, itself, doesn’t matter as long as you get to spend time with the people that you love.

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