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Where can I buy or order a fancy daily planner?

Asked by Azi (11points) March 17th, 2011

Should preferably be spiral bound and has one day per page without appointment times? I’ve been searching the internet, but my boss isn’t satisfied with any I’m finding. Thanks!

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Try looking at Franklin Covey. They have every planner imaginable.

The idea of a planner without hour markings is unusual though.

jaytkay's avatar is another possibility.

If you really can’t abide hourly demarcations, maybe a diary would work?

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You can get a selection of them at retail office supply stores such as Office Dept and Stapes.

There is also

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I tried all the office supply stores, but they’re not nice enough. I was hoping someone knew of a good brand? Possibly leather bound?

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@Azi I have a really nice one from last year at home. Let me check to see where it came from. It was a gift. I’ll let you know.

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If you want leatherbound, perhaps something on this site with pages purchased separately would suit your boss?

It’s my experience that planners that don’t include pages were meant to last a while.

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Do you have to go with what your supervisor suggests? If not, consider an electronic form of a daily planner. It saves a tree or two as well as an animal hide. People can request appointments with you, and your supervisor can see what you have on your schedule at a quick glance.

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Coach website.

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I’m guessing that you are not buying this for yourself but your boss? Does he/she have one from last year that he/she is trying to replicate?

I think you might like the Levenger Circa 2011 Planner. It’s a page a day. When it’s open, the left hand page has appointment times and the right hand page is just lined, with the date at the top. Item ADS5715.

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I love, as well.

I have used Franklin Covey. There are good planners on that site; however, I do like Levenger better.

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@Azi Mine came from Barnes and Noble. It has some cool quotes, passages from books, birthdays, etc.

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