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What's causing my digestive problems?

Asked by usaloveorleaveit (159points) December 31st, 2011

I started out having chest pain and was cleared of 3 separate ekg’s. Then I was getting sparatic itching all over but it felt like it was under my skin (like in my veins). I have had loose stools and a CONSTANT rumbling in my stomach like hunger growls that keep me awake all through out the night. I also eat and feel like there is a lump in my throat plus it radiates up the neck a little ways. Get sinus type of problems associated with all this (itchy eyes, dull headache around eyes, and sinuses pop like they are dilating). GI doc thought it was lactose intolerance but went off dairy for 2 weeks with no change. Had an ultrasound, stool sample, numerous blood tests, upper gi endoscopy with 3 biopsies which all came back negative. Often afraid to eat cause not sure of the effects it will have on my digestive system,. Have lost SOOOOO much sleep cause of the stomach growls. Taste juice in my throat sometimes (not very often) but I have been taking both Omperzole (4 Years) and Pantoprazole (1 Month) with no avail (really don’t think it’s acid reflux.) I have slept in my recliner for almost 2 months because the growling in my stomach seems less when I am inclined. Very bloated, burp and pass gas a lot and get sparatic muscle type spasms in my intestinal area and sometimes in my arms and legs. Gonna request a colonoscopy next. After that, not sure what to do.

Any answers or thoughts, please let me know. Thanks.

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It sounds like an ulcer, but your doctors haven’t found anything like that? Did they test for H-pylori? I had some very strange symptoms when I had that infection, including a grumbling stomach – but it felt like I had a lump of clay or a rock sitting in my gut.

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Is it an allergy to something that you are eating or drinking? Have you tried dietary restriction to see if a food could be causing it?

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The colonoscopy is a good idea.


If after all the tests and you still suffer from these symptoms, you might want to give “probiotic tablets” a try. I found that taking a probiotic tablet (the one I take has 10 billion live organisms), has really helped me by calming my stomach. I used to get heartburn and stomach upsets a lot, until I started taking the probiotic tablets. I buy them at a health food store, but I think you can get them at Wal-Mart or most other places too.

I wonder if you might be suffering from some kind of allergy. That’s another possibility.

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I was tested for h-pylori and it was negative. No ulcers were discovered during the endoscopy. I have been taking acidophiles pills for 3 days now and I started taking digestive enzymes about a week ago. Hasn’t really changed anything. I did go lactose free for about 2 weeks with no avail. I am starting a gluten free diet today. I will update that progress periodically. Any other thoughts are welcome. Thanks.


Sounds like a severe allergy to me.

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Testing for gluten sensitivity was going to be my suggestion; it can produce some strange, seemingly unrelated symptoms. If you’re going to try going gluten-free on your own, do some research into hidden sources of gluten so you can be sure you’re really free of it.

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How old are you?
Male of female?
Did this just start suddenly or have you had this all of your life?

It’s hard to diagnose over the internet.
Remember Doctors always look for the easy explanations first.
You will probably have to go to a few doctors until you find one who will be the denfinitive help.
It could be IBS or something else.

Keep trying, don’t give up.

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I’m a male and 37 years old, 6’-0” and 200 lbs. This all started about 6 weeks ago. I’ve never had health issues my entire life (besides the flu, cold, etc..) I am not stressed and I don’t suffer from anxiety. Just something that started with chest discomfort and has escalated from there.

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Problems that start suddenly at your age are a concern. As I have stated before, Doctors are trained to look for the simple solutions. When they don’t work some give up. Try finding another gastroenterologist and maybe another one if the first one doesn’t help. Eventually you will find the problem. Don’t give up and don’t tolerate “I don’t know” as an answer. Not all doctors are equal. I had to go through several before I found one who could correct my similar problem.
Good hunting.

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