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What would bother you more: Your 18 yr old kid smokes pot once/month OR watches TV 20 hrs/week?

Asked by Charles (4804points) December 31st, 2011

Let’s say you have an 18 year old kid. What would bug you more? He smokes pot once a month say at a frat party or concert OR he regularly watches 20 hours of TV per week?

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The tv watching would bother me a lot more. However, I am pretty sure that an 18 year old would hide his pot smoking from me!

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I wouldn’t be concerned about either, to be honest. I was a once-a-month pot smoker myself for quite a long time and it would be hypocritical of me to freak out about that. And 20 hours TV a week is less than 3 hours a day. Most people seem to watch it more than that.

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Neither if the rest of the time she was a kind, loving person who did well in school and worked hard.

Furthermore, what is she watching during those 20 hours of TV? Discovery Channel, Food Network, PBS or Jersey Shore, JackAss, Fear Factor? The content matters.

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TV is far more dumbing to the brain than occasional marijuana use IMO.

Really though both are pretty mild compared to the millions of chronic pot smokers that spend 12 hours a day playing video games/watching TV. Hey, I’m the old hippie gal, I say smoke a little pot and get outside and take a hike in nature. lol

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20 hours of TV in 7 days is only about 3 hours per day, which is not much, in my opinion.

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I think three hours a day is a lot when you look at it not as 3/24ths of a day but maybe 50% or more of a person’s (especially an 18 year old’s) disposable time. If someone is watching three hours of TV a day, especially at 18, they aren’t studying, training, working, working out, socializing, or otherwise being productive.
Another way of looking at it; While a certain percentage of people who smoke pot once a month are losers, a far greater percentage of people who watch 20 hours of TV in a week are losers.

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Neither of these are that bad. The losers who smoke pot are the ones who smoke too much; once a month is recreational use and imply they have their shit together otherwise since they can control their usage. And the losers who watch TV watch it way too much; an average of about three hours a day is like watching one movie or a few shows and really isn’t that much. Looking at it like it’s time they should be using to be productive is the same kind of attitude that pushes people to their breaking point. People need time to relax, and a few hours here or there of not being productive is the perfect remedy. I wouldn’t be bothered if my eighteen-year-old child did either of those things.

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My idea of a “loser” watching TV too much would be someone laying on the bed or couch with TV on all day long, and maybe much of the night, too. 3 hours of TV does not in itself make loser status, to me.


The pot smoking would bother me more. I would have more control over the t.v. than what he puts in his mouth.

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Neither would bother me terribly. That three hours could be an hour in the morning with the news on while they get ready to go out. A couple of hours watching a film or documentaries in the evening.

Once a month pot smoking would worry me less than weekly binge drinking.

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The TV would probably bother me more. 20 hours a week is like 3 hours a day – far too much television.

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