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What was one "big" news story of 2011 that you found really boring?

Asked by MRSHINYSHOES (13966points) January 1st, 2012

As with every year, 2011 had its share of big news stories. Was there one that you found really boring even though it was big and well-covered in the media, and other people may have found it interesting or exciting?

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The Republican primary election and debates. Seriously, this has been going on forever already and the guy who’s always been in the lead is, well, still in the lead after all that.

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Kim Kardashian got a divorce.

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@prioritymail You beat me to it.

NBA shutdown. I barely noticed.

Another one… ehmm…. it was so boring I forgot.

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NFL Lockout.

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The super injunctions (UK). Total waffling rubbish. Who cares? No one, except the narcissistic twats that put up the injunctions. Bah Humbug!

cookieman's avatar

Any story involving reality TV “stars”.

Any story involving professional sports.

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Royal Wedding. We were on a class trip to D.C during it and our teacher woke us up banging on the door screaming, “ARE YOU WATCHING THE PRINCESS WEDDING?!’’ We watched for about 5 minutes, got extremely bored, and turned to Family Guy.
Also, I like NBA, but the whole lock-out thing was just an argument between millionaires and billionaires.

Judi's avatar

Uhhhh, Kardashian wedding, or Maybe Charlie Sheen?

Michael_Huntington's avatar

Definitely the royal wedding. I don’t give a fuck about a rich person marrying another rich person.

Judi's avatar

I love This cartoon
I had to link it from their facebook page because their website seems to be down, but it’s funny that I just saw it about 10 minuets before I saw this question.

Kayak8's avatar

Donald Trump pushing for Obama’s birth certificate was near the top!

marinelife's avatar

I found all of the media hype about the debt ceiling a real yawner. Since there was nothing I could do about it either way, and I would just have to live with the consequences, I didn’t want a blow-by blow account.

elbanditoroso's avatar

Football strike.

Basketball strike.

A plague on all of them – owners and players.

AmWiser's avatar

Herman Cain the wanna-be womanizer.
Herman Cain and his nine, nine, nine. Sounding like German for no! no! no!

Tuesdays_Child's avatar

Casey Anthony’s trial and drama filled excuse for an existence….

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Here’s third vote for the royal wedding being the most boring, newsworthless event of 2011.

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Tiger Wood’s philanderings.

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Tiger Woods cheating on his wife. Or was that in 2010? I forgot.

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@Symbeline Exactly. Heh heh. : )

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@mazingerz88 Dude, imagine if Obama cheated on Michelle. We’d never hear the end of that.

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I would have to say.. Charlie Sheen and his endless shenanigans, definitely.

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@Symbeline Or if Obama breathes on only one side of his nose instead of two. Har har har!

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Okay, don’t shoot me US jellies, but the US Presidential race…bangs head on desk repeatedly… and it is still going on, and on, and on. I know it is important. I get that. It goes on for so, so, so, so long though and we don’t even get to vote. And our public news channel gives it so much attention.

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@Bellatrix , I think most of us would agree. It gets tiring.

Bellatrix's avatar

Thank you Judi! When does it end?

Judi's avatar

November 6th.

Bellatrix's avatar

Oh my….

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@Bellatrix, thank you, that is the image of being the rational American. We have many many many boring news stories about politics, pro sports, entertainers, other world powers personal events, other world powers… Sadly, many of these will become made by Hollywood (10 times) movies…

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@DaphneT, not quite sure what point you are making but I thought I should point out I am not in the United States. I am in Australia and our public broadcaster broadcast the most recent speeches from each of the Republican candidates this morning (and on other mornings). All for being informed but since you aren’t going to let us have a vote, I am happy to just hear who is still in the race at a point a lot further on than this.

I sincerely doubt (and do not expect) most US citizens would know who our Prime Minister is let alone the leader of the Opposition party.

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@Bellatrix, sorry I thought I had cleaned up my grammar on that sentence. The Image of the Rational American is one of a person beating their head on the desk in response to the trends in uselessness of the media coverage of our politics. I find much to be bored with in our news coverage on any topic.

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