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Does anyone really watch C-SPAN?

Asked by chyna (46922points) October 18th, 2017 from iPhone

Not only C-SPAN1 but C-SPAN2?

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I used to. I have barely watched it the last couple of years, partly because I have sort of checked out of watching a lot of politics. C-SPAN isn’t only politics though.

I have seen amazing interviews on C-SPAN where I learned a ton of valuable information. An interview with an accountant stands out in my mind. I guess you can relate almost anything back to politics, but sometimes the interviews I just see as interesting topics. Discussions about education, religion, workforce, society.

Also, C-SPAN televises things that other stations don’t, and even if other networks are televising, the other stations have too much biased commentary.

I know many people who watch C-Soan at least once in a while.

Edit: if you don’t watch, you might want to check their website for topics, and you might find something you’re interested in. You can see the daily line up.

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I watch it occasionally. It can be fascinating and revealing. I should watch it more often. I can’t get C-Span2 as I am not in the US. We have the BBC Parliament Channel here instead.

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I don’t have cable so I don’t see it at home. I only see it briefly when I’m in hotels as I make my way through the dial to the Comedy channel.

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My husband watches it a little bit.

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I’ve watched it a bit before, when I had access to cable TV, which I have not for a long time.

I think it’s a good idea to allow direct access to see what’s going on with our corporate… er, “public” servants, especially when something of interest actually is going on. Also because it can be taped and referred to later.

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I tune in to watch live Senate proceedings when stuff I care about is going on there.

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In Canada we have C-Pac when I had cable I wachted the documentarys and election results and question period for the first jokes. Sometimes we got C-Span and watched the grilling of CEO’s.

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