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Do you vote what is best for you or what is best for the country (or state or county...)

Asked by Charles (4815points) January 1st, 2012

You’ll can be creative but unless what is best for you is always best for the country then this question is answerable. The question addresses those situations where there is a dilemma in the vote. Here is an imperfect example, there is an election to raise money for school bonds to fund schools. You have no kids. You are not a homeowner so you don’t care about (the way school quality affects) property values.

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In the given example, I would still vote for the bond for schools: public education is a public good that affects all of us, whether we have kids or not.

I like to think that I’m voting for the good of our society, but I know that people who vote the other way think that too.

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I vote for what is best for the community/county/state, because ultimately that is best for me. In your example, the quality of schools attracts people who have families. Families in turn are more stable and work for better facilities all through the community.

I happen to live in a town where that has happened. Our town supports schools so much that equivalent houses in one part of town where the school district border is actually has a property value differential of about $150,000.

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What is best for the country is usually best for me. So I vote on what is best for the country (even if that means I have a tax increase).

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I’m not sure what you’re asking here but I’m guessing what you mean is whether or not I support individualism (Ayn Randism) over collectivism. I would say that I’m more of an individualist since I don’t believe that one can ever be happy unless they’re free enough to pursue what motivates themselves.

Collectivism has many different avenues to manifest itself such as in social democracy, state capitalism, communitarianism, socialism, communism, fascism, conservative authoritarianism, etc. There are extremes in every philosophy and even I believe in some balance.

I wouldn’t call myself an Ayn Rand enthusiast since I’m willing to support some basic collectivist ideas such as free public education, welfare (with restrictions), some government help programs, state ran prisons, social security, etc. I would vote on a candidate based upon what they want to use our hard earned tax dollars on rather than the idea of supporting my own wants over the needs of society/vice versa. This question is much to detailed for me to give you a short answer here and each of us has our own ideas of what freedom is.

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I try to vote for what is best for the country overall. So while I might not want to pay more tax now but if I really think in the long run that will lead to a stronger economy, then that is good for me anyway. Similarly, a better educated, healthy community is also better for me in the long run. One day, those now not so young but hopefully healthier, educated people will be paying the taxes.

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Best for the country, even if it’s to my personal detriment. I personally feel that’s the price one pays to live in a cooperative society.

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