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Was 1980s music more upbeat/positive than 1970s music?

Asked by Charles (4823points) January 2nd, 2012

There are no absolutes to describe either decade’s music. Do you sense more of a party, upbeat, positive, fun and goofy associations with 1980s music (except hard core punk)? Does 1970s music (other than disco) seem more related to protests, mysticism, serious deeper meanings (progressive rock for example), maybe anger?
Bright colors replaced denim.
Dancing and fun parties replaced sitting around stoned?
Might this be a reflection of the eras? The reactive baby boomers and the Vietnam War, Watergate, Nixon, gas shortages, inflation vs Reagan, hostages freed, the 1984 Olympics, short hair (thought the early 1980s had its economic challenges with 15% mortgages for example).

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Music for the 70s was diverse; music in the 80s was pretty constrained into that stupid synth pop fake emotional stuff designed to make for good videos.

I know that is a gross generalization, but the 70 has music from Led Zep, the Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, the Doobie Bros., the Allman Bros., all very different.

The 80s was Men at Work, Thompson Twins, Cyndy Lauper, and Boy George. All the same stuff in different packaging.

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I wouldn’t say more upbeat but just different. 70’s disco was about as upbeat and positive as you can get. Disco was replaced by dance in the 80’s. Each decade had their own issues that some songwriters would use. Rock got heavier in the 80’s too. I think that each decade had their own unique diversity in music.

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Well, let’s just say less serious as to topic matter for the most part.

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