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Can you help me with my Kindle?

Asked by Dutchess_III (43228points) January 2nd, 2012

Yes, there is a customer service but I want to talk to YOU guys!

1) Does it light up so you can read at night? I haven’t found a feature that will do that.

2) I can’t figure out a way to jump to chapters. I downloaded Kipling’s Just So Stories, and I wanted my 8 year old to read The Elephant’s Child. However, I was in another story about three stories away from that one. The only way it seemed that I could get to the one I wanted was to back up page by page. That’s ridikalus! I know I’m missing something, but I can’t figure it out.

Help please! Thank you.

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Which Kindle – regular or Fire? Fire, yes, regular, no.

I don’t know exactly how the controls work on the newer Kindles, but on mine, it’s menu> go to> and then either Table of Contents (and choose a chapter from there) or location (and just sort of guess how far in you want to go).

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The regular Kindle does not light up. It’s intentionally designed to look like a paper book, not a computer screen.

Chapters are only enabled in certain books – and must be done by the author/publisher. On books in which they are enabled, you can push the left or right parts of the 5-way to skip chapters. Otherwise, you can go to the menu screen and choose “go to”, and then type in a location number.

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Assuming that you don’t have a Kindle Fire or a Kindle Touch, then no, it won’t light up at night. They do not use back lighting due to the “electronic paper” display, which is meant to make it similar to reading pages of a book. I suggest getting a book light for it so that you can read it at night. The one I linked to is specifically meant for a Kindle, but a regular book light will work as well if you clip it onto a case. Cases with built-in lights are also available.

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I have book lights out the ears, guys! One in each car and in my purse. : )
K. I’ll play with it some more.

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I think I read an article somewhere, that stated this is one of the reasons the Kindle was not recommended. No night light. Some people like to read in bed at night, but I guess the makers of Kindle forgot that one little item, when they manufactured it.

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False. By that logic, BOOKS are somehow faulty for not including a light.

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@john65pennington No, e-ink is by design. You can’t read it at night without some other light source, but it’s significantly easier on the eyes than a computer screen, and helps people feel like they’re getting the “real book” experience that so many are worried about losing with an ereader.

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It doesn’t compare to a “real book” experience I don’t think. But…I haven’t tried to really read a whole book on it.

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Oh! Story! One of my students, Milo, and I have occasional language / pronunciation miscommunications because…he’s from Philly and I’m not. We go back and forth sometimes, trying to figure out what the other is saying. It’s funny! Today he asked “What did your husband get you for Christmas?”
“A Kindle,” I said.
He yells “What is wrong with You People!! (meaning you White people!) He gave you ONE thing? Man, In Philly I’d be loading my old lady down with stuff!!”
“Well, we put all our money toward the kids.”
“Well, that’s OK, then. I guess,” he conceded reluctantly.
One of my other students said, “What did you get him?”
“A surround sound system.”
Milo kind of exploded! “You got him a surround sound system?? Now that’s what I’M talking about! (mumbling now) You get him a surround sound and he gets you a mumble kindle. mumble mumble I’m gonna have a talk with that boy. Mumble, mumble…be doing that to my teacher…
I said, “Well, it was a cheapie from Wal Mart. It cost about the same as my Kindle.”
At that point Milo paused, looked at me, realized this might be one of THOSE moments and said, ”What…. did he get you?”
“A Kindle.”
He looked around in confusion and one of the guys kind of explained what it is….
He says, “Oh. Well. I thought you said a candle.”
So, anyway. I have show and tell tomorrow! The guys would rather I bring in the surround sound but…O well. : ))

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