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Do you think it's worth buying a lot of Kindle books before the prices go up?

Asked by bluemukaki (4332points) February 5th, 2010

Apple’s iPad has made the publishers (3 now apparently) of some books on the Kindle store demand that the prices should be moved from $9.99 for a best-seller to $14.99.

First of all, do you think this means I should rush off and buy all the books I’m thinking about buying before the price-hike.

And, for extra credit, do you think that ‘ebooks’ are undervalued at the current prices on Amazon, despite no production or shipping costs? [This is the publishers argument, and I can see their point, but I’m broke so it’s not so appealing to me at this point in time!]

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No, my bet is that the prices won’t stay up. I think publishers are dreaming of their glory days, but aren’t going to see them again till we start educating a larger percentage of our population well enough that they can read at an adult comprehension level.

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@ETpro such a good answer!

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Only if you have the money to put onto it, enjoy reading on a Kindle and want to spend that money anyway.
Ask: Is that what I would pay for it or better? If so then do. If not then don’t even if you think the price will go up later.

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The Kindle and other ebook devices are extremely overpriced, in my eyes. However, since you already have one, I’d recommend buying the books you are definitely going to read before they go up in price.

There’s no telling which way and how soon the prices will change next. Don’t buy yourself a whole library just yet, but take advantage of the information you do have.

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Don’t change your purchase patterns now. When the prices go up, start on the classics—the Kindle shop has free versions of them. No matter what genre you like, there are some classics you’ll enjoy plus you’ll be better read. Win-win.

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I prefer paper. Those electrinic gadgets give me a headache. Kindle isn’t even good as kindling, at least you can start a decent fire with paper, even if what is printed on it is crap.

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