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Loud Harleys: Cool or Annoying?

Asked by Charles (4804points) January 4th, 2012

What is it with Harleys that they have to be so loud? I’m almost positive stock Harleys aren’t that loud and the majority of recreational riders modify them in such a way that they sound louder.
Despite the justification that louder bikes are safer (they can be heard), do you find loud Harleys zooming by to be cool and head turning or annoying and noise polluting?

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Not annoying. Awesome.

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Totally and always annoying in a residential neighborhood.

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Obnoxiously annoying.

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highway, cool

3 am in the morning as my neighbor pulls in, ANNOYING!!!!

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I love Harley Davidson bikes, for both how they look and sound. If you think a Harley is annoying go to Mallorca and see what kids do there. They get 49cc bikes and tune them up so they are more or less 125cc bikes. Once the bike is zooped up they take out the exhaust filter and punch holes in the exhaust with a hammer and nail to make it louder. Each time one drives past the words “angry wasp appocalypse” goes through my mind.

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I’m petrified of motorcycles. Those things are death traps, imho.

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Both, but more on the annoying side.

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Annoying! It’s ego in sonic form. A last-ditch attempt by mid-lifers to assert their relevance by blasting canned thunder across the landscape.

What really rankles me is when I see Harley riders wearing earplugs.

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They are too loud and a law violation. Harleys come from the factory with extremely quiet exhaust pipes. The new owner remove the baffles inside the pipes and thus a loud Harley.

I have written many citations for loud Harleys and other motorcycles with loud pipes.

As for the case of loud Harleys letting other drivers know they are around, has never been a legal defense in traffic court.

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@john65pennington Ha. I never thought of that, but that’s a pretty good attempt, though.

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I own a 2007 Harley-Davidson Ultra Glide and I find some of the pipes to be obnoxiously loud. My bike has slightly louder than factory standard, but that’s because I bought an aftermarket set of exhaust pipes and converted the bike to true dual exhausts.

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So annoying.

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I hate anything that screams “LOOK AT ME! I’M COOL!” and that’s exactly what I think when someone revs up a loud Harley. It’s no different than teens blasting rap music with their windows down.

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Very annoying and juvenile. There is nothing ‘cool’ about this as far as I’m concerned and just like those annoying ATV’s that people illegally ride around on the streets they keep me from sleeping during the day when I have to work the nightshift. It is the same nonsense with the loud trucks and musclecars.

@tko7800 Right on, if people want to do something that is fine with me. However when these habits start directly interfering with my life such as keeping me from sleeping along with the aggressive driving that usually comes along with these types of people let’s just say I get a little cranky.

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I believe South Park has given the definitive answer on the subject. Watch the first 5:30 for proof.

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LMAO @SouthPark : D

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SO cool and exciting at sixteen!
SO obnoxious and annoying at fifty.

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Annoyingly cool?

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They’re annoying if you live close to someone who has one.

We have 2 neighbors across the street from us who are revving up their Harley’s at all hours of the day and night. Very thoughtless.

I know they think they’re cool .. but when you have to listen to them in the privacy of your own home .. it’s not cool to your neighbors at all hours of the day.

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