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Should I shovel my deck and try to keep it clear of snow?

Asked by cazzie (24503points) January 6th, 2012

I have a deck that is probably 15 or a bit more years old. I’m sure it has been oiled and cared for, but when we moved in last year, it needed it again. It didn’t get done and now it is snowing. Is it better for the wood if I try to keep it clear of snow or should I just let the snow build up? My instinct tells me I should keep it as dry as possible and keep shovelling and sweeping away the snow. The temperature has been between freezing and melting, so I know it is wet under that snow mess. Any advice?

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Shovel it away. Either way, you’d need to fix it up when it gets a bit warmer.

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Yes cazzie, you want the wood to breathe even if you think it is close to needing life support!

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“Scrape the snow away

And maybe it will last another day”

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Shovel the snow.

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There is also the issue of snow accumulation, ice build-up and strain from the heavy weight on the aging wood.

Around here, with an annual heavy snow fall, lazy people have had their decks collapse.

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If the wood hasn’t been recently sealed, remember that it will absorb an enormous amount of moisture, and the freeze/thaw cycle will damage it a lot. Sorry, but I think you’ll need to shovel, if only to avoid the weight issues.

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Shovel it. Use a plastic shovel soas to not damage it like a metal one might.
Clear the snow for lighter load and for safety.
You should treat it yearly anyway.
Treat and repair it in the spring to get the seasons use out of your products and efforts.

I have a 32×20 hardwood deck and usually shovel it once a week when needed.

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Shovel it. I would be concerned for the weight of the snow.

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Gotcha. I’ll be shovelling snow today. Hubby doesn’t see the need, so he’ll be watching me do it.

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Also: Shovel snow from a wood deck going in the length-wise direction of the wood.

eHow Deck Mainenance

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I am actually finding that a broom is doing the trick. Underneath is a small layer of ice and I am going to have to wait to get rid of. We will be some plus degrees next week and it should melt.

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