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Do you have illogical situations/constructions in your house?

Asked by rebbel (35553points) January 6th, 2012

Like doors that are situated in totally the wrong place or so you think.
Or a window that can’t be opened (properly).
Our shower is next to the kitchen (you have to go through the kitchen to be able to enter it, which in itself is already illogical to me), and to open the fridge we have to open the door to the shower first, because the door handle is exactly in the path of the fridge door.
Have you some?

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Well, for starters there is a serious lack of closets and doors. The main floor of the house is all arches, no doors. It’s essentially one gigantic room. Very impractical. My windows are old, so most of them require being pounded on or wiggled before they will open, especially in the kitchen.
Also, my kitchen and my front room were both originally porches, so now I have a very, very long, skinny front room in which nothing fits properly… and a tiny kitchen.
This house is 100 years old. Basically, nothing in it makes any sense. But, it has character and history, and I love that.

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Well, our bathroom is right at the end of the house, and like you @rebbel , we have to go through the kitchen to be able to enter it.
Also, the stairs to the attic room are inside our parent’s room, so we have to enter their room in order to go upstairs.

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There is no storage in the bathroom, no shelves, just a cabinet under the sink.

The washer/dryer are just out in the open, which I hate.

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Well, if you open the curtain in our cute living room, you will see the washer and dryer. How’s that? : )

On second thought, I could invite my friends, have them bring their dirty clothes and have a laundry party…

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In my apartment, there is hardly any room under the kitchen sink so my trash can is out in the open. And the kitchen window opens out to a walkway, so the blinds are always closed.

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Our house has so many stupidly constructed details.

The basement door used to open in. First time my grandma visited this house she walked in thinking it was the bathroom and fell down the stairs. We got it switched after that.

In a teeny tiny half bath, the door opens in. You have to squeeze around in to get to the toilet.

On some of our light switches, down means on and up mean off. Many sets of switches in which there are two right next to each other, they operate the room on the opposite side (for example, the kitchen is on the left and the dining room is on the right, but the left light switch operates the light in the dining room and the right one operates the one in the kitchen). I’ve lived here almost 20 years and I still flip the wrong switch pretty often. Several of our light switches don’t appear to do anything.

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In my master bathroom (which is smaller than the guest bathroom??), I have to shut the door to open the linen door closet directly behind it. Stupid!!! My balcony doors are french doors but one of them is nailed shut. hmmmm that is silly… But you having to open the shower door to open the fridge door, well, now that takes the cake!

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Actually, buddy, I like the idea of a clean, naked, dripping wet terry-clothed towel little missus traipsing through the kitchen fixin me a sandwich on the way to the bedroom. I am going to install a shower behind the kitchen. Thanks for the heads up.

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Disclaimer: I love my little studio apartment…

The washer and dryer are in the bathroom. The washer lid cannot be propped open because there is a sloped ceiling and shelf above it. Clean towels are stored in a basket on top of the dryer since there is no linen closet. Products and stuff are stashed on an above-toilet shelf (sort of risky…). Storage has to get pretty creative since there are no closets.

The “bedroom” is sectioned off by a large Ikea shelf and a Japanese-style divider. It works great, except that when overnight guests stay over, there is no privacy, and everyone has to take turns changing in the bathroom.

The little kitchen is open to the entire place, but the windows are on the other side, and the door is located at the bottom of steep stairs, so cooking odors/smoke are reeeally hard to clear out sometimes.

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Many of our windows won’t open at all, and some of the ones that do won’t stay open unless you prop it up with a stick or something. Our one and only bathroom is so small that you have to sit diagonally on the toilet, and could wash your hands in either the sink or the bathtub while sitting there. There is no heat upstairs except in the bathroom, so all bedrooms have to have space heaters. The tiny bedroom closets (which were built in many years after the house was built) are so shallow from front to back that hangers don’t fit straight, and have to lean to one side in order to close the doors. It’s an old house with lots of quirks, but we love it anyway.

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More like remodeling blurps. Our klitchen was expanded and rearranged where the refrigerator is now directly against two of the hottest exterior walls. There is no overhang or shade outside of wall of massive glass sliders from the kitchen to the backyard. Sure we get a lot of light but at 110+ degrees much of the year, our damned a/c bills are ⅓ of our monthly rent. grrrrr

Also, a wall of cabinets and counter was installed along one side of the garage making it such a tight squeeze for two cars that the door from the garage into the house that opens into the garage is blocked. We could ask the property mgr. to re hang the door to open into the house instead.~

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The door to my attic is so small you need to be a little person to fit through it. I feel like Alice in Wonderland every time I need to get something out of there! I have to crawl on my hands and knees dragging the box after me. Sigh. At least it’s carpeted. That helps.

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The spot light and garage lights are controlled by 3 sets of switches: one in the family room, one near the front garage door and one near the rear garage door. Depending upon the state of the switches, the spotlight will either be on and the garage light is off, or Off when the garage light is on or both on. We labelled the switch Off, and Maybe.

The pole barn has a large 15 ft wide sliding door. That is covered with corrugated galvanized steel. It works great in the summer, but in the winter the snow blows up against it and freezes making it impossible to get the door open without a lot of hand shoveling. Of course the snow blower is kept inside the barn.

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