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To those who don't know how high their IQ is: How high do you think it is?

Asked by rebbel (31549points) January 7th, 2012

It is not a competition yeah, right…, so try to be honest and don’t exaggerate your assumed number.
If you can compare your intelligence to those persons of whom you know their number, how high or low do you think your quotient is?
I have always been the middle of three children, was scoring sixes and sevens in school tests and played soccer in the third team of every age group.
So that makes me an average person.
However, the last years I ‘scored’ better in certain fields, so I would guesstimate my number is around 120.

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Don’t know, I guess slightly above 0!!!!!

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My IQ is J.

I have no idea what my actual IQ is. All I can be certain of is that it gets lower with each beer I drink.

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I consistently test around 135–138.

These #‘s are from the free online tests I’ve taken over the years.

Amount of stock I put in them? Zero.

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Which scale are you using (pretending to use)?

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<<< Takes 5 points off of his number…
@Lightlyseared There are different scales?

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I don’t really know.
I was tested as a child and in the bright, above average zone, but I don’t have a clue as to the numbers. That was also 40 years ago.
I do know I am very creatively intelligent, artistic, an absurd blend of critical and abstract thinking skills, articulate, well read, mentally quick and a damn nice person!
That’s good enough for me. :-D

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To my surprise, I discovered that I am so brilliant that no one else can understand a thing that I’m saying. I just can’t understand why no one can understand that.

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@rebbel yup there are two commonly used tests for IQ the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale and the Stanford–Binet intelligence test. A score of over 130 on the Wechsler scale is almost impossible to attain while on the Stanford–Binet 130 is not that uncommon so it’s important to know which test you’ve taken (or you know, pretended to take). The other thing to remember is the number is not an unchanging score – it is an indication of how close you are to mean inteligence of someone your age, so if you took the test at 20 and then at 30 you may have two wildly different numbers. As a general rule IQ’s tend to go down as you get older but that does not mean you have got stupider as you’ve aged.

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Like most people on the internet, somewhere around “genius” ;)

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139 and counting.

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I know that my grandfather’s IQ was the highest in the province the year they tested all the kids. My mother’s was just as high at 154. In many, many areas I was smarter than my mother. I know I was tested because I was moved to advanced classes as soon as the results came in. But they never told me what my number was.

I’ve only ever met a couple of people in my life where I’ve thought that they comprehend things at a higher level than I do.

I took a long time for me to come to grips with my intelligence as I did a pretty good job hiding it from everyone I could due to some really hurtful things that were said to me while I was in school.

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150 and above is considered genuis.

I need to work on my 139 a little bit.

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IDK…120? 130? Is that too high? Too low? You guys go ahead and choose my IQ for me!

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I’m probably somewhere in the 140–150 range. My math skills suck, but I test well. Whatever number I am is irrelevant though, since it means almost nothing to me.
I’m willing to bet my hat that my brother’s is much higher.

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What’s average? Put me somewhere above that, k.

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I got 138 on some kind of aptitude test they gave me at Madison Jr. High.

I’m 65, so If that figure is still accurate, then I have the mental capacity of a person who’s 89.7. ;-)

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If average is 100 I’ll probably be just about exactly 100.

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I’m not sure how many brain cells I’ve lost in the last couple of decades, but I think i still qualify for MENSA pretty easily.

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I was once above average but that sadly may no longer be the case

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Hmm well my last test resulted in 65.. Considering the number of computer glitches these days I’d say its safe to round that up to 130.

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I am like @DominicX – an absolute genius, hehehe!

@DominicX – you look so grown up in your latest avatar, what happened to the scrawny little kid whose cheeks we all loved to tweek??!

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@FutureMemory – it’s interesting that a kid who lives on the other side of the world and on whom I have never laid eyes in rl feels like a kid I have known since he was a child!!! And I have enjoyed watching him grow up through his avatars and mature through his responses. bless the internet!

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I have no idea. I would guess ‘average.’ I don’t want to pick a number out of thin air, because I really don’t know.

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I dunno..I have sure gotten smarter as I aged, infact, I think I’m the smartest I’ve ever been. lol

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I tested at exactly 130 both times I took the test. The idea was to improve the second score while taking the test just a few weeks apart from each other. It was someones experiment. I was 27 at the time and still exercising my brain a lot. I did nothing to prepare for the exercise. I do not believe that the test accurately applies to what is going on upstairs. I was told that I did amazingly and blah blah blah. Really, I just kick ass at complex puzzles.

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I know what mine is, but it has been years ago. I was given the Stanford-Binet several times as a kid and some other experimental test where the mean was 150, but I was never told the name of the experimental test.

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@jerv Pick up the MENSA study guides. They are great for passing time in the bathroom.

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I don’t know what it is, but I’m guessing above average. So I went and found an online test. They say it’s 120, but I’m not going to pay for their final report. I found a free test that used 5 questions to tell me the same thing.

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@FutureMemory Pfft. I went through puberty hella days ago :P

@rooeytoo ^_^ Still one of my favorite posters ;)

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Well, I scored 135 the 4th time I took the same online IQ test.

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I think it’s probably average.

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@DominicX Ha, yeah. I know mine only has two digits. I don’t belong here.

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Clearly enough to get into MENSA like @jerv and then some to get into a more distinct group of even smarter people called EATMYASSA. lol

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I’ve taken a couple of the crappy free online tests, and always score about 135. I have no clue if that’s at all accurate, though.

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135 according to Mensa online!

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Yes, I was moved up a grade in my childhood after the mystery testing.

Still, brains without character spells sociopath, I’ll take reasonably bright and of good character. lol

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Seems like everyone scores 135 on the online test from a quick review of the above . . .

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For online IQ tests, everybody gets 135 if they answer all the adware at the end and enter their real contact info. But entering fake contact info shoots your score up 30 points immediately.

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@Kayak8 yep, online tests always give me 135–140.

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We should all try to fail those tests, and see what happens.

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140 on the Free Online Test; make of that what you will.

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Okay…no points wars. I say it’s cocktail time! ;-)

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I know real IQ tests can run 2 or 3 days. That is because some people who have very high IQs also struggle with learning disabilities. Or, they are stressed or tired and a good psychologist can see that and use techniques to de-stress the test-taker or suggest another day to continue testing.

I think IQ tests are valuable as they show you how you learn.

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How fallible are IQ tests, you think? I mean, take a kid whose circumstances forbid him from getting any kind of education. He could be a genius, but what if he couldn’t read?

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@Dutchess_III IQ tests such as the Stanford-Binet, WISC-R, or Raven’s Progressive Matrices all have (or most have IIRC) tests and sub-tests in place to measure potential in many different areas. A high score in one area and a low score in another could point to a learning disability or a gap in a child’s education. That should, if you have a good tester, prompt more testing.

IQ tests should be used as a guide and not a written-in-stone judgment of your intellectual abilities. It is quite possible to go and take one of the above tests one a bad day and have a bad result but take it on a good day and have a great result.

Most people have a fairly good understanding of how well they are able to process any given information.

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