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Same-gendered two-parent families - how do your kids address you?

Asked by MrItty (17381points) January 10th, 2012

This is NOT a question about the morality/ethics/suitability of gay or lesbian parents. Frankly, I don’t care what you think about them. :-)

My question is simply what do kids call their same-gendered parents? I mean, I assume that as babies are learning to talk, “Mommy and Mommy” would be confusing. So what do you use? Mommy 1 & Mommy 2? Daddy John & Daddy Henry? Just first names without any prefix? Mom & Mommy? Daddy & Father?

Thanks for your insights.

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In the movie “The Kids Are Alright”, the kids called their parents Moms. I found it quite amusing.

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@filmfann That sounds so cute too.

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Hmm. I guess that could work if you’re talking to one of them (“Hey, Mom? When is Mom going to be home?”). But what if you’re talking about one of them, to someone else? “Hey Joe, Mom wants to see you!” ”.... which one?”

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“my master”

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When I was growing up there were two women who lived together and raised adopted Vietnamese war orphans together. They called their moms “Momma Jean” and “Momma Carol”

Just a side note: These women claimed to be sisters, but I think they were a lesbian couple who happened to have the same very common last name.

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They could have been both, you know.

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I love you, loli.

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I’m transitioning female to male and my daughter asked me if she could continue to call me “Mum”. I said yes, but with the proviso that at some point I’m going to look masculine enough that she will seem weird if she does so in public.

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@downtide Never knew you had a daughter. Neat!

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@janbb A grown-up daughter. She’s 23.

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