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How to survive this art project if I have no artistic ability?

Asked by tianalovesyou (709points) January 10th, 2012

My english project is to do a picture book. Each page has to have an illistration. It doesnt have to be hand drawn. What kind ofthings could I do that don’t include a lot of drawing? I am in 8 th grade.

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bit of the ole’ cut n’ paste from your favorite magazine?

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Water color.

Or, just go with stick figures. Really elementary stuff.

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It seems to me that if it’s an English project, the teacher will be grading you on the quality of your writing, not your drawing. I wouldn’t worry about it.

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You don’t need artistic ability, you need creativity. Be creative.

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Photos do not include any drawing

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XKCD has become quite the popular webcomic, and it’s all stick figures. Since it’s English and not art, I expect that you’d be able to get away with something like that; as Mariah said, the focus ought to be on your writing.

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As others have suggested photos are a good way to go. I think you can do a lot of creative things with collage. It would also be interesting to combine phoots with simple drawings. Use the photo for one part of the picture and fill in with something simple that is handdrawn. You could add words or borders, stripes, dots, and swirls, and stars. You are probably way more artistic than you think. Look for ideas and find things you like. Decide that you are indeed a creative person!!
Here is an online phto collage program that’s free.
If you don’t have a printer you can just cut up magazine and old books for pics.
Good luck! Have fun with it.

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@Nullo suggested stick figures. I’m suggesting that you draw what ever you want to in light pencil. Never push hard enough to dent the paper because you’re going to erase all the lines. Using a black pen, (A fine Sharpie is best) go over all the lines. When the ink is dry, erase all the pencil. The drawing may look silly or cute or dumb, but it will look like it’s supposed to look that way. It will have a charm of its own. If you find you like your creations, it will be a lot easier to draw what you want, than to search, cut and paste appropriate illustrations. Try one or two. You may find its fun even if you don’t turn out what you think an artist would.

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Pick out photos that seem like a boy picked them out. And then tell the teacher how you wanted to challenge the idea of sexual orientation and how it’s perceived in society. You’re teachers jaw will drop.

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Oh can I sympathize with you. I suggest you find a short story and use pictures downloaded or cut from a magazine to illustrate the story. If you able, write you own short story.

I was always good at English and Literature but have no drawing ability whatsoever. Good luck!

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Just say it’s abstract art :)

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