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How can I draw then paint designs on my bedroom wall?

Asked by killertofu (115points) August 1st, 2009

I want to stencil, pencil then fill, and/or possible spray paint designs on the walls of my bedroom (which are white). What supplies I need and how can I go about this?

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Borrow/buy an overhead projector. Then copy the design that you want onto a transparency and shine it on the wall. You can then use a pencil to trace the lines onto the wall. All that is left is a giant coloring book page.

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If you have photoshop then you can follow this video

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Here’s my idea. I’ve never tried the grid part, but it may just work as long as the design isn’t uber-complex.

1) Get your designs on a piece of paper (or large posterboard-whatever). Draw a grid over the design on the paper.

2) Draw the same size (by size I mean how many squares) grid on the wall, but enlarged. Using a pencil, carefully copy each grid square from the paper to the wall.

3) Check your work. Make sure it looks nice. Erase the grid lines.

4) Use blue painters’ tape (NOT masking tape), cut it to to fit your designs, and tape the part of the design you DO NOT want painted. I would also tape 6in around the outside of the whole design to prevent spillover. It works better to have a lot of tiny pieces of tape overlapping than trying to get one peice to conform to a detailed part of your design. NOTE: Taping will be very painstaking and will probably take a long time. But the better job you do, the nicer it will look. Press down on the tape HARD afterward to make sure it is fully stuck onto the wall. Go over the tape multiple times if needed because paint leakage is a pain in the ass. **Don’t forget a drop cloth on the floor to protect your carpet/hardwood/tile/linoleum from paint drips**

5) Don’t use spray paint to pain the designs. Use canned paint and brush, you’ll be much more precise and it won’t smell up the whole house. Give it multiple THIN coats. Thick coats may make the tape leak, so don’t glob the paint on.

6) Wait 24 hours after the last coat of paint and peel the tape off. Be prepared with white paint to touch up any leaks/mistakes (use tape before fixing mistakes).

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To add on to the last answer, have an exacto knife handy when peeling off the tape in case you see it start to pull up the paint you want left on. This will happen more with acrylic paints, less with water based and thin coats.

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I wonder if you could cut the design in butcher paper, which has a plastic coating on one side, then use a low level iron to affix the butcher paper to the wall. Use a stenciling brush, which is like a sponge to paint the design on, then pull the butcher paper off.

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Use an over head projecter, put the outline of the pic. you want to draw projected on the wall. Then trace. After trace, outline in marker. Last paint the colors you want. Done! :)

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