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Looking for binocs for star gazing.

Asked by gailcalled (54575points) June 26th, 2007

I want 7 X 35 w. high quality optics and an image stabilizer. Over 7 is too big for stellar objects and under 35 is too small a field, over is too heavy for wrists. Willing to spend a few bucks ( I wear glasses for this.)

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i think for stargazing, you need a telescope, no?

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Home telescopes are disappointing, especially after we have been spoiled by the long term exposures, filters and digital manipulation by the Hubble 'scope. Binocs work best for me..they are portable and I am not tethered to a mounted 'scope - particularly since I live away from city lights and have dark skies w. good seeing. Field size and weight are my two criteria. Too high a magnification is bad. Canon has image stabilizers, but the binocs are very heavy.

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