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Do you only listen to music that is sung in your native language?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (26789points) January 12th, 2012

Of course I listen to mostly music that is sung in English, which is my native language. I also listen to a lot of Ukrainian music, which is my family’s language, and my second language. I took German for 6 years, and though I don’t remember much of it, I listen to music in German.
Recently, I’ve found a French artist that I fell in love with… and I can’t understand a word of it.

Do you listen to music, even if you can’t understand the lyrics?

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Absolutely (not). I listen to music in all sorts of languages that I don’t understand. That’s partly because I’m a fan of classical, which is either religious music in Latin or operatic music in Italian, French, German, or Russian. I also have various pop songs in other languages including Japanese, Turkish, Russian, Mandarin, Arabic, Hindi, and even Slovak and Twi. Much of the reason I listen to those songs in the first place is because of the language, because I want to hear the sound of the language, even if I don’t understand what they are saying—that’s not what’s important to me.

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Nope. I listen to drum and flute music of various tribes all the time, and I know very little of the languages involved.

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About one third of the music that I put on myself is Dutch (Dutch bands (in English) or Dutch sung)).
Right now, when I read your question it is The Scene that is playing.

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Nope. I understand a handful of the French songs I listen to, but I listen to many bands and artists in language I can only comprehend a couple words (such as Japanese) and some I don’t understand at all (Icelandic.) Language is beautiful and people all over the world make amazing music.

Also, this question reminds me of Red.

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I listen to and sing in many languages even if I don’t know the languages. I sing them phonetically with coaching. I also learn the translations of the songs so I know what I’m singing about. The earliest I remember was Frere Jacque.

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I rarely listen to Russian music.

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I listen to music in a variety of languages, yes! I’m saying that to sound sophisticated, intelligent, and open minded.

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@ANef_is_Enuf Three words for you: The Three Tenors.

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@Sunny2 I sing along, too. :)

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I used to listen to a lot of Russian music (I’m Russian) in middle school and high school. Then senior year I started listening to a lot of French, Spanish, Brazilian, and African music.

I have some African songs that would make anyone swoon over… really beautiful romantic stuff.

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Music from different cultures, and different times :) I love songs from the 1930’s and 40’s.

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No, I listen to a lot of songs sung in Hindi and Japanese.

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@Blackberry – Hindi music is beautiful…. I can’t believe I forgot that :) love, love, love !

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I love Edith Piaf and Jacques Brel, who sing in french.
I also love music videos from India. The color, costumes, and unusual dance moves and musical rhythms are wonderful.

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mainly German, Japanese, and Italian.

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@Blackberry wow, that is gorgeous.

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I listen to songs in many languages. I have a number of Buddha Bar albums with songs in Hindi, Arabic, French, Spanish and other languages I can’t make out.

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@ANef_is_Enuf Yeah, music like this makes we wish I could do drugs.

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Ah, Christ no. English and French I understand, but I listen to a whole lot of stuff that’s in other languages. Scandinavian languages, Japanese, German, Latin…Also, Romanian pop is awesome. Denno what the hell they’re saying, but ftw.

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Of course I listen to music where I can’t understand the lyrics. That would, in my case, primarily be English. But I am equally adept at being unable to understand lyrics in other languages as well.

Actually, I hate words in music. Unless the singer has absolutely clear and perfect diction, and the music is completely subservient to the lyrics, I can’t understand a thing. Because I have the feeling of almost understanding something when sung in English, it is very distracting and unenjoyable. I prefer my music to be devoid of semantic content and that is true of instrumental music, music in other languages, and most English music. Unfortunately, every once in a while, someone sings English in a way I can understand it, and that ruins it for me.

There isn’t a lot of music in my collection that isn’t instrumental.

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Oh, I listen to music in lots of other languages.

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I dabble in music of many different languages but all I regularly listen to is English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

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I mostly listen to English, Japanese, Chinese and Hindi music, but I know I’ve got a pretty decent collection of music from a few parts of the world (a lot of which is quite similar to the rather nice video linked by @Blackberry)

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No. Infact I fell asleep last night listening to a cd I bought while traveling in asia in 2010 of the Taroko natives in the mountains of Taiwan. Beautiful flute and native drums with some vocals.
Ethereal and haunting music and perfect for bedtime serenades. ;-)

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No. I also enjoy music sang in Spanish or Italian and Native American inspired music. I listen to a lot of Opera and that’s often in another language.

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I listen to everything!

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I listen to the music, not the song. J-pop/rock is great housecleaning music.

Couldn’t tell you the lyrics to popular American songs known by heart by many if my life depended on it.

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Definitely not. The majority of music I listen to has English lyrics, but I also listen to music from many other countries. Not all of it is in English. Some of it I understand and some of it I don’t.

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