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Any telephone, cable or internet company horror stories to share?

Asked by Jude (32126points) January 13th, 2012

I hate Bell Canada.

See complaints here and here.

I was royally ripped off/scammed. The write-up is too lengthy, so, I won’t bother, but, you get an idea of what the company is like when you check out the links above.

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When we purchased our home, it took nine install appointments to get Time Warner cable into every room in our home….NINE.

The ninth time they finally sent 3 guys the week of x-mas. Needless to say, we were so thrilled at finally having the job completed that all three fellas got large tips from us.

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An AT&T guy going door-to-door signed up my 80-year old mother for phone, Internet and TV.

Unlimited long distance, multiple phone services she absolutely will never use, rental for three DVRs (but only one is connected, and she has no idea how to use a DVR) and some ultra-premium billion-channel TV package (she doesn’t watch much TV), and super high-speed internet (she never downloads anything more than PDFs from her email.

The first monthly bill was $400.00. I would like to hunt that guy down and kick him in the balls.

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I had a nightmare with Verizon when I moved into this place. They were supposed to bundle my phone and internet with satellite TV from Direct TV. We have now lived here 7 months and after numerous attempts have given up getting everything on one bill and getting the bundled rate.

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During the past four weeks, after countless telephone calls to my phone/internet monopoly, I got to know Phil, the actual repair guy, very well. He has been out several times to repair or replace phone lines that are old, water damaged or eaten by animals.

The last time he was here, he noticed that my car, in the garage, had a flat tire. The mechanic talked me into two new rear tires, so that the treads would be the same depth. ($500…including towing).

During snow, rain, ice, flurries and squall weather (that would be today, for example) I keep having to recycle my modem (DSL connection the only choice I have) to keep me connected.)

Now Phil and I wave happily as he heads up my road to deal with other unhappy customers (my friends and neighbors.)

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They all suck and all have way too much power. A couple years ago when Verizon was billing for bogus data charges I call to have them removed, they threw every excuse they could at me. Like you were on the web on your phone and we have copies off the pages. Weeelllll, too bad for them, I was never on the internet n…o…t e.v.e.n once, after explaining to me that I would have to go through subrogation and couldn’t sue them I was exasperated. I am now involved with a class action law suit against them on this matter, but they have been scarring up my credit ever since.
Then there is AT&T Uverse, Run People Run, I was told no extra to hook up. After three months of misses on getting the equipment I hooked it up myself, then a month later I get a bill for $350 extra saying I owed them $100 for the modem and $250 for them hooking it up. First call in they said they would take it all off, but I had to have that argument for three more months, as if the first conversation never happened. After three more months of going round with them I got that cleared from my bill. They tell you they are AT&T but they are a different entity. So I was getting a bill from both regular AT&T phone and AT&T Uverse for a month and a half because the AT&T Uverse person never ported my number over correctly. I had to pay regular AT&T for the double billing. So for the first few month I’m confused about what bill is what and when to pay. Well AT&T cuts off (I got the phone and the internet). I get it hooked back up the same day but they charge me a $30 per service reconnection fee. Which they do from their desk online!
They keep asking me if I will let them do a direct auto pay withdrawal from my checking account. I tell them I would rather let Satan himself have a direct withdrawal from my checking. I can’t imagine what they are withdrawing from the little old lady three post above this.
THIS TYPE OF CRAP IS WHAT OCCUPY WALL STREET WAS ALL ABOUT. The corporations have way too much power.

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They keep asking me if I will let them do a direct auto pay withdrawal from my checking account. I tell them I would rather let Satan himself have a direct withdrawal from my checking. I can’t imagine what they are withdrawing from the little old lady three post above this.

That is so close to what I said to Time Warner,when they began not just emailing, but calling regularly for me to sign up for “Auto-Pay”...They can’t even install correctly, but they wanted my money ASAP.

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We have two cable, internet, phone companies here. No competition. They can get away with murder.

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Same here. Our biggest complaint is actually with our electric company. They are constantly raising rates by large percentages with no backlash from local gov’t.

My husband gets a kick out of the fact that every year theyput up a banner that declares they were awarded for their “best service”...WHAT?! We only have one electric provider.

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I can’t get internet service from anyone and I am in a suburb of a large SoCal city.

Too far from a signal station for DSL and the only cable carrier around here is Charter. They tell me that I live in Time Warner’s area, which we don’t even have TWC in this city. Charter vans drive by all the time, and I am less than 2 miles from Charter’s major office with the giant satellite dish things and I’m still supposedly out of their service area. They keep on saying “oh we’re researching it” or “we’ll get back to you” and they never call back.

Bloody oligopolies.

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