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Do you love a Company?

Asked by PIXEL (1233points) September 20th, 2008

Okay we’ve all seen them Apple lovers. Then I wondered. Is there any other company people love like people love Apple?

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Apple is the only company for me.

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I do not love any company. I have products I like and am loyal too.

Love is an emotion I reserve for entities that have the capacity to return my feelings!

Things are just things—and companies are even lower on the totem pole than inanimate objects.

Have you seen the storyline in Boston Legal in which the woman is in love with a utility box? It’s about as nutty to love a company.

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I love Peet’s coffee….and Apple.

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I hate apple.

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I love Apple, Target and Ikea.
Just kidding.

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I have been loyal to Apple for a few year now, but I can’t say that will ever change. I have worn some sort of Converse shoe since I was about 13, so I guess that can be considered loyal; I have bought one pair of Jack Purcell’s after another for about 5 years now; before that I was obsessed with All-Stars; sprinkle in some One-Stars, and I’ve probably had close to 20 pairs of Converse.

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I ♥ IKEA and I don’t care who knows it.

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I LOVE Hush Puppies, Land’s End and Ben and Jerry all for making me feel happy and comfortable. I HATE Walmart for being a bad corporate entity, unfair to employees, bad for the American workforce, negligent as a retailer and basically trying to convince the population that crap jobs and crap products are all they are entitled to.

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I love this company! Wooo! Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers! Come on!

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I feel so damn lucky to have USAA for insurance and financial services. Search for them on to see how f-ing awesome they are to their customers.

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I used to love my grandfather’s little business; *Finkel Umbrella Frame Co. As a treat, my father took me there on Sat. mornings when I was very young. Men worked at actual machines with fan belts and sparks, and made actual umbrella frames. From the office window, high on the second floor, I watched what looked and sounded like “these dark satanic mills.”

(his full name was *Benjamin Finkel.)

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my company cause I am the boss.

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@andrew asked a similar question a while back.

I stand by my answer: Adidas, Apple, Google, Levi’s

I also love Fluther.

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Not companies, but products: Levi’s 501’s. PF Flyer tennis shoes. Lands’ End polo shirts. God, I am such a tomboy!

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@Gailcalled: Looks like those Ben Finkels have always been entrepreneurs!

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Hmm lots of Apple lovers. Not surprised. :) I also like Google.

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I love Canonical the creators/sponsors of Ubuntu
I love Apple and insanely enough, I love Microsoft . If it wasn’t for MS I never would have begun my love affair with technology and if it wasn’t for MS putting out products that didn’t meet my needs I never would have switched to Linux and OS X (plus for what it is, Windows is a decent product, whether you like MS or not).
I love what I think Google is, but not necessarily what they’re becoming.
I love Aardman Animations and I love Pixar .
I also love Adidas
I love 37 Signals
and lastly I love Dick Blick , Moleskine , Sharpie and Krylon

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IKEA, for the win.

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Apple, Google, Madman, Sharpie, Fox Searchlight, SBS, Ocean Spray.

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I don’t so much love any company, I’m more of someone who will use what works for me. I’ve found that Staedtler make some awesome rubbers/sharpeners/pencils and I insist on using stuff made by them because it’s well made.

I also like most computer companies, and find their technologies interesting including but not limited to: Red Hat, IBM, Microsoft, Apple, and other not quite in that business like Wikimedia, Google, MySQL AB and such.

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I love General Electric. My Father ran one of their factories in Cleveland Ohio for 30-some years. They were very good to us, and when my Father died, he left me 1500 shares of stock. That’s a nice little blue chip nest egg for me.

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Nike. Best tennis clothes ever. They also own Cole Haan.

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I like Apple and Microsoft. Pretty loyal. I favor Microsoft over Apple on most things, but. Both are very good companys.

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