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Why doesn't my keyboard repeat a letter I press?

Asked by bhec10 (6458points) January 13th, 2012

The question might not be very explanatory… Sorry for that.

Whenever I press a letter and keep it down for a while it’s not repeated. I have to press the letter ‘a’ 10 times more if I want to write “aaaaaaaaaah” for example.

Any idea how I can turn this option on, on my Mac? I want to keep a letter pressed and let it appear for as long as I hold my finger over the key.

Thanks in advance!

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Sounds like your keyboard is malfunctioning.

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On my PC there is a setting called Character repeat where you can set Repeat delay, and Repeat rate.
Settings> Control panel > Keyboard> Speed > Repeat delay
I assume the Mac has a similar procedure.

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Yes, when I go onto System Preferences on the “Keyboard” section there is an option called Key Repeat which I can select between off, slow and fast.

I selected fast and “short delay” but still nothing happens.

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It looks like this might be an operating system thing… do you have Lion?

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It depends on the app. In some apps the keys repeat and in other apps it give you a accent pop-up like this. It your want to turn this off so it always repeats you can enter this in the Terminal. Open Applications-> Utilities-> Terminal and enter:

defaults write -g ApplePressAndHoldEnabled -bool false and then hit enter. You might have to restart all your apps for it them to see the change.

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@dappled_leaves Yes, I have the latest version of Lion.

@johnpowell Thanks! Now it seems to work as I wanted. Is there anything I should write in the Terminal if someday I wanted this to return to normal (i.e. undo this action) ?

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Sure, just change false to true.

defaults write -g ApplePressAndHoldEnabled -bool true

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@johnpowell Much appreciated.

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“Sure, just change false to true”
That is funny if taken out of context!

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Both Windoze and Linux have options to alter the keypress delay and repeat timings. I can’t say for OS X, but it sounds like something similar has been set or turned off on your system.

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Hey @johnpowell, does this interfer with the keyboard illumination?

Since I did this, the lights won’t turn on.


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