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Is lip balm effective for treating chapped lips?

Asked by TheInnocentOne (73points) January 14th, 2012

I was wondering, because it “works” for some, but not others. Is it like cough syrup which just dwindles the illness temporarily?

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yes, especially as a preventive

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If you use cheapo stuff it probably won’t work. Burts Bees is very soothing though. Try to avoid ones with a bunch of stuff in them you can’t pronounce, then they’re effective. Otherwise its just wax and chemicals.

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The best item I have found for treating chapped lips and dry skin is Vermont’s bag balm

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It is very effective.

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Not in my experience. I have found it useful in preventing chapped lips, but nothing ever seems to heal them.. but time.

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Nivea works for me, the other ones I’ve tried just seem to make things worse. I think it’s paraben free which seems to make all the difference to me.

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I either use ChapStick or Vaseline. Both work for me.

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@WestRiverrat I agree!!! That Bag Balm was also very effective as a diaper rash ointment, beating out the effectiveness of the prescription ointment from the doctors by light years. I swear by Bag Balm—you can get it at Walgreens as well.

I no longer worry about changing diapers, but still use it for many things.

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I use Blistek’s Herbal. My lips stopped chapping when I switched to it. Just about every other brand aggravated my chapped lips, but I think it depends on your body’s chemistry.

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I never get chapped lips. I must state that is most likely because of my addiction to Burt’s Bees lipbalm & my nightly application of it.

There are lipbalms that contain drying agents that will chap your lips (Carmex is one of them). These types of lipbalms are best for people that regularly get lip sores, cold sores, etc.

If you’re concerned with chemicals, you can use raw honey lipbalm (Wedderspoon make a great one).

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I use it, but what really helps during the winter is drinking more water and using a humidifier.

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