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Anyone know a song about everything being alright or everything will be ok?

Asked by CrammaDoodle (189points) January 14th, 2012

Okay, so does anyone have any good suggestions of songs that are about everything being alright, like everything will be okay?

Sounds like a weird request, but I figured I’d ask.

Thanks in advance~!

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Well there’s Bob and Sweetbox .. if that helps.

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No Excuses by Alice in Chains always struck me like that.

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Bobby McFerrin – Don’t Worry, Be Happy
This is a really great calming song

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The Beatles- Here Comes the Sun
Bill Withers – Lean On Me
What A Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong

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Why Worry by Dire Straits

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Just Remember I Love You will fill your request.

Listen on Youtube

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Thank you everyone!!

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What about a song about life being shit? Children’s Story is super mawkish, but it has a way of making everything else look lovely by comparison.

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Any of these songs off the B-52s “Cosmic Thing” album:
“Cosmic Thing” – 3:50
“Dry County” – 4:54
“Deadbeat Club” – 4:45
“Love Shack” – 5:21
“Junebug” – 5:04
“Roam” – 4:54
“Bushfire” – 4:58
“Channel Z” – 4:49
“Topaz” – 4:20
“Follow Your Bliss” – 4:08

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Stevie Wonder : Uptight

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The Beatles and Here Comes the Sun. is one I love. Listen to the whole list that your fellow jellies have provided if you need a pick-me-up.

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Nat King Cole Smile

Beatles Getting Better

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Don’t Give Up – Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush

Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen (This one is always guaranteed to make me feel good).

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Everything’s Gonna Be Alright by Barry Manilow

No One by Alicia Keys (my personal favourite song of all time)

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3 little birds – Marley

everythings alright – Joe Cocker

Touch of Grey – Grateful Dead

Thank you – Sly and Family Stone

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We can work It out _ The Beatles

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@downtide Don’t Give Up is a great song. I always said that if you don’t like Bush, you probably love Peter.

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I’m Alright by Jo Dee Messina.

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Kardamom that’s a good one!

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