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Was there ever a bad time in your life that you later look upon with nostalgia?

Asked by wmspotts (456points) January 14th, 2012

About three years ago I was laid off from my airline job and forced to work for a small commuter airline for DRASTICALLY lower pay. I spent two years of my life barely scraping by, living in a hotel room with several other employees. Going from a decent 75k a year job to 17k took a huge adjustment and did put me into some debt. However, it also forced me to learn to live frugally. I finally landed a great job and my career is back on track. Although at the time I looked upon my situation with disgust and almost shame, today I view it as a tremendous learning experience and a time when I really showed personal growth. Not being able to satisfy my creature comforts with retail therapy I was forced to look inward for fulfillment. I started running every day, got in great physical shape. I made a few lifelong friends at the company that were also in the same position. I learned how strong I could be.

What’s ironic is that I sometimes miss that period in my life because I felt like I really learned who I was then.

Does anyone else have a similar story or can relate to my experience? If so, I’d like to hear it.

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Definitely can relate; I even asked a similar question awhile back.

For me it was being very ill; I know it sounds pretty mental to miss being ill, but sometimes when responsibilities pile up, I miss the days when my only priority was to get better. Usually I’m very glad to be healthy now, though.

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Wow, Mariah I think your post pretty much nails how I felt/feel about that time.

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When my wife and I first married, we were as broke as Joes Turkey. I was a rookie making a rookies salary, in 1965. We bought day old bread at the bread store and bought food to last two weeks. We were so broke that we could not afford soap powders to wash my police and national guard uniforms with. My uniforms were washed in the bathtub, by hand, by both of us. We had Vegall every night for about 6 months, until I finally was promoted to a regular officer.

I remember those days and its made me appreciate every little thing I have today. If ever we get the big head about money today, one of us will say the word VEGALL and that ends the controversy.

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The first 3 years of my son’s life—it was crazy difficult but I have so many fun stories from that time.

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No. “Bad Times” and Nostalgia are mutually exclusive.

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I’m like @Charles. Yup. I learned a lot. Nope. I never want to go back.

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