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Soccer Moves?

Asked by CCRHHS (55points) May 20th, 2008 from iPhone

I got a soccer game later and I was wondering if anyone has some good soccer moves I could try.

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I don’t know your style, but I’m always partial to the Ronaldinho moves. You could always go for a rainbow, or the most famous move of all, the bicycle kick (fast-forward to minute 2). Good luck with that.

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low level skills: outside of foot pass, back of foot pass (to a teammate behind you)
mid level skills: hand-spring throw-in for balls out of bounds, front leg round the ball fake . . . as you are approaching defense.
high level skills: bicycle kick, rainbow

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Yah sure i think i could help when your approaching your apponent and you have the ball turn either to your left or right and kick it roll it back with your foor and your on the other side of the player. its sort of hard to explain and i dknt know what it is called.

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and its a simple move and could keep help you keep the ball away from your opponent.

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rollover then fast break. I normally do 2–3 rollovers then that gets the defence running sideways. then when you do the fast break, they get caught off ballance and that gives you time to charge towards the goal.

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I always prefer David Beckhem’s move or Ronaldo’s move.

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