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Is this the wildest animal friendship story you've ever heard? [see details].

Asked by ETpro (34581points) January 17th, 2012

Ethiopian police searching for a girl who had been missing for a week found her in the jungle being guarded by three lions. A group of men had attacked and beaten her, attempting to force her to marry one of the attacking men. The lions chased the men away and then stood guard over her till the searchers showed up. The Ethiopian police said the lions quietly walked back into the forest when they found the girl. I wouldn’t believe it if it weren’t reported in a credible news source.

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This is pretty compassionate too: two doggies.

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Awww, I love tender animal stories. One of my favorites is the story of Jasmine the greyhound.

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@rebbel & @marinelife, Two great links. THanks. THat warms my heart.

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@ETpro You are most welcome.

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