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Scaptia beyonceae, a horse fly named after Beyonce Knowles. Which (in-)famous person would you like to nominate to get a new species named after him/her?

Asked by rebbel (31549points) January 19th, 2012

What species of animal is it?
Can you name some characteristics and/or appearances of the beast?
What would the Latin name be?

Dicaeidae C. Dionis
An, albeit lovely plumaged, nasty bird with a creaking, nauseating singing voice.

You can use an existing species and just add the celeb as the class name

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Psychrolutes gingrichae, the blobfish, is a spineless sea creature.

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Tineola Mcconaughey
A common moth that destroys the fibers in fabric causing shirts to spontaneously fall off wearers .

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Kudzu TeaPartius

It seems to spread and choke other growth out, but it contributes nothing positive. And it grows like a weed and is hard to kill.

And like the real Kudzu, it flourishes in the Southern US but struggles elsewhere,

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Carridineous Davidos
A bat often found hanging in Thailand closets, easily identified by the lacey stockings.

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@filmfann Haha.
Not to be confused with the Michaeliis Hutchence Hutchenceous, as that one uses snake skin belts for hanging devices.

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Mittolus Romnus – a translucent golded squid which is prone to mimicking a behemoth octopus specie called Barakaia Obamae

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