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I need help to set up a frog enclosure?

Asked by ctimm15 (371points) March 18th, 2011

Hi there’s a frog in my shower that I want to keep as a pet. I need to know how to make the best set up that I can to keep him healthy and happy, therefore I have a couple of question’s about maintaining a tank for him.
1) I live in Qeensland (Australia) so its pretty warm and humid already so will I need to put anything in the tank to heat it?
2) What type of flooring should I use, is gravel good enough?
3) What are the best species of plants to stick in the tank?
4) I’m using a normal flourescent light, like the ones used to light house’s. is this a good enough light to use for him?
5) Is there any good websites that have good pictures or videos of tanks for frog’s or how to set up a good tank to house the frog in?

Ps. It’s a green tree frog (white’s green tree frog from Australia)

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I wouldn’t try it with a wild frog. They are very sensitive and it is likely to not turn out well. Not to mention it is cruel to keep it alone and not allow it’s chance to find froggy love and live freely.

Providing the right insects for it to eat and whether or not it would take to captivity is a gamble.

Why not go to a pet store where they can provide assistance with choosing a species that does well in captivity and help with setting up a proper habitat.

I think you should reconsider and not take a chance on killing an innocent little frog.

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@Coloma Well said. I was trying to frame a response, but you nailed it. Good advice climm15.

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@Coloma i actually hatched this frog from an egg and kept it till it was a little froggy then let it free, since then this frog has laid eggs four times, pluss this species of frog is known for being one of the best for captivity and it has a very wide variety for a diet

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Well then, good luck with setting up a good habitat. Surely there is info. on the net about caring for this species if it is a popular type. I have lots of Pacific tree frogs around my house and they really do not like water unless they are breeding in a nearby pond.

They mostly hang out on the walls under the porch lights at night catching bugs.
Maybe your frog can live in your bathroom tank free.

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nah the species of frog thats in my bathroom is a tropical frog that lives mostly in rain forest areas and needs water to breath. ive kept frogs before and i used to breed them, but this time i want to do it profesionaly and i want the tank to look more like its natural habitat.

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@ctimm15 Here’s all the info you need to provide your white tree froggy with a happy life

Good luck to you & to her. Hope you can make her happy for years to come!

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