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What is the consequence if any for a CA resident who doesn't complete the community service they've been sentenced to by their deadline?

Asked by guywithanaccountnow (313points) January 21st, 2012

I want to hear from anyone who knows the answer from experience.

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Just like Lindsay Lohan, it is a violation of your parole, and you can go to jail.

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Community service is given by the court in lieu of jail time. If you do not have a valid excuse, like being on your deathbed, then you might just be given jail time to finish your sentence.

Sorry, but I think you knew this could happen from the beginning.

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What if the community service sentence was a consequence of an offense committed as a juvenile, but the person is now an adult?

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So, the case is still an open case in juvenile court. Someone in the system: should have caught it, may still catch it or will catch it if you ever get into trouble with the legal system again.

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Jail Time.

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Your probation conditions may be extended. It all depends on how close (or distant) you are to completing it. If you had done 9 weekends out of 10, they’ll usually just give you a few weeks to finish. If you are half way through, then they’ll probably extend your probation conditions for another six months to a year.

If you have completely blown them off, you are looking at a weekend or two in jail, plus extended probation, plus increased community service. And i you are an adult, they won’t put you in juvie, you’ll be in the grown up jail with all those nice people and no privacy.

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Are you going to Jail? or going to Jury duty?

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