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How to get over a guy who doesn't like you ?

Asked by partyrock (3870points) January 21st, 2012

How to get over someone that you like, but doesn’t like or want you back ?

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Go get some strange.

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Think “If he doesn’t like me he is not worth me”.

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You just need to realize that it isn’t going to happen with him. The sooner you realize it the sooner you will get over him. It is not easy to get over someone you like but it is something you will have to do.

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Time is the only cure I know. But hitting the gym is a pretty effective balm while you’re getting there.

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Go out with your friends. Do some of the things you have been putting off doing. Take a class. Go to the gym as @Fundy suggested. Keep busy and focus on looking after you.

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School, hobbies, friends, therapy, Fluther, journal, blog, Facebook, reading, TV, travel, movies, exercise, nature hikes.

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Develop friendships with guys that are actually worthy of you.

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You win some you lose some, seriously, knowing so doesn’t make it easier but is worth remembering, it is a fact of life.

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Get busy with something else, something really engaging.

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Hone your self-respect. Getting all waa-waa over a guy who doesn’t like you is not pretty, takes time, takes energy, takes your focus and in the end, you’ve wasted all that and he’s still not around.

Cry a bit, then convince yourself that you need to respect yourself, and move on.

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Questions like this are difficult to answer because many of the people who respond may have a different mindset than the person asking them. Personally I could never like a person, whether for a relationship or friendship, who doesn’t like me back and respect me to some degree. I would suggest either taking up a hobby/interest that you’re really passionate about or be with the guy who does really like you.

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Do things that won’t remind you about him, draw/sketch, listen to music [but NOT that type of music that would end up making you think of him again], go outside for a walk, make pudding? call your friends….Basically, just try to keep your mind busy…

Like, dont let your mind take over you, It’ll make things worse

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