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Can you help me help my brother apply for college?

Asked by mrrich724 (8537points) January 22nd, 2012

I have two siblings. I’m the eldest, my sister is the middle, and my half brother is the youngest.

My mom died my freshman year in college. I had the true blessing of being private schooled, so with my college prep advisors and my mom, it was easy for me to do the whole college application process/consideration.My sister was next, but my mom was already gone and I was off at school. So our aunt helped her. But she pretty much did the process on her own.

Now, nine years after I applied and got accepted, and with my brother living 1000 miles away with my stepdad (his real father) who simply doesn’t value higher education, or doing anything beyond the call of “being the man that brings home the money,” and in a public school that’s obviously slacking, my brother doesn’t have the resources we did.

I just started helping him, as I just had the “come to Jesus meeting” that I needed to do this. I am talking to him about FAFSA, and applying to college, etc. and his school hasn’t even mentioned FAFSA yet!

He is graduation HS in May, and will start at Louisiana Technical College (where it sounds like he actually has a few dual enrollment credits completed) in Summer or Fall. He will live at home for college.

I am going to do my best, as will my sister, to assist. But I’m hoping you all can just dump EVERYTHING you can remember about the application process you can remember. . . I just don’t want to miss anything and be at a disadvantage.

He’s truly my favorite person on this planet (well, it’s a tie between him and my wife, but neither of them need know that.

Thanks guys!

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I just want this to be a resource I can use throughout the next couple months to help make sure my I’s are dotted and T’s crossed.

Thnks so much!

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It’s not a very complicated process.

1 Complete the FAFSA and turn it in at the college’s finance office. Depending on your income you will qualify for any number of grants (which don’t have to be paid back) and other financial aide.

2 Make an appointment or speak on the phone with an educational counselor at the school who will tell you what courses you need to take to complete certain degrees.

Most college’s have a stellar processing staff and a new student orientation class/meeting that takes place.

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I just finished the application process. Couple of things:
1. Edit your brother’s essays more than one time. Don’t write them for him, but suggest ideas and brainstorm with him.
2. Don’t forget teacher recs. If you’re working on the common app, it’s a simple process. Type in a teacher’s/counselors email address and ‘invite’ them to write a rec.
3. Order both his high school transcripts and mid-year reports. Most colleges require mid-year reports.

I can help you more specifically if you have specific questions.

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Have him start looking around for scholarships. There are geographic ones. Ones that have to do with certain fields and courses of study.

All sorts.

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I know that you need a pin number as a parent and then the student also has a (different) pin number that you use with the FASFA web site. You will need that right away so go to the web site and apply for that first.
I will be starting this same process with my high school senior in a day or two. I’ll be watching this question closely to get as much help as I can from you fine flutherers.
@mrrich724, it’s so good of you to help your younger brother out this way.

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Most colleges have some sort of scholarships that they give to freshmen and check with any alumni associations from the colleges of choice for potential funding, too. Don’t forget the local organizations such as the city councils, kiwanis clubs and any other local philanthropic organizations from your town and/or county. As for FAFSA it is an easy step by step process but do make sure that you have the .gov and not a .com site. Good Luck!

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Thanks guys. Great info. I totally forgot about the requirement for teacher recommendations for example.

Thank you all!

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