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Would you vote for the very first real zombie in the world to be destroyed or studied?

Asked by mazingerz88 (27058points) January 24th, 2012

In a real life scenario, say, tomorrow we all wake up and the breaking world news is that one hospital patient who just died came back to life as a zombie. Very much like the scary Hollywood version of one.

He is now under military quarantine and hasn’t had a chance to bite or touch a live human being. Now, what if the people were asked to vote whether he should be destroyed or kept animated to be studied, what would your vote be and why?

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I’d vote for the study. (supposing that this is a real life scenario and not a movie scenario)

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I think we should study it, then we can understand zombies better and accept them as human beings in our society, so in 100 years or so in the future we can quit making jokes about them.

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Definitely studied. Zombies are (or at least were) people too, and should be respected as such.

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Studied quickly and efficiently under the tightest security imaginable and then immediately destroyed. The risks of keeping one around would increase exponentially for every minute it was allowed to remain “alive.” The benefits of understanding how it came to be would be important for preventing a future outbreak.

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Gah! Kill it! Kill it! Kill it!

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Bunch of damn hippies.~

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@jerv If you would allow me to amend my question, what if before being quarantined, he bit someone who turned into a zombie as well. Would you still vote for studying him?

@Hawaii_Jake You are safe in Hawaii! Lol. Coz well, in my scenario, the zombie is in…well somewhere far! : )

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I’ll beat @Hungryguy to the punch.
Sex slave!

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If we found a dead alien, would you destroy it? Research is what got us here.

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Kill it and burn it. Terrorist will definitely steal swabs of it’s saliva and America will be on terrorist alert at all times. (That’s what I would tell the general public what happened…) But really I’d be studying the specimen in Russia.

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@mazingerz88 If it turns out that zombies are a threat then we would be better off knowing what we are up against.

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Differently studied… :-)

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Study it for the hope such a “frightening” plague will be released and can maybe help screw the world’s head on straight.

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Can we find out who zombiefied him?

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Ask it to distinguish between fact and fiction. Study or destroy based on its answer.

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@FutureMemory What language would you ask the question in?Not that Zombies have much better language comprehension than my socks…

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45–70% chance that it would be English…or a language in that associated groping.

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No way! SAVE THE ZOMBIE!!!!!

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Well, now I’m really curious about associated groping.

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Destroy it. It would be extremely dangerous to have with all the human crack-pots running around (remember the beginning of the movie 28 days later)

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I vote to make it president, failing that I go woth study. Then again you could just destroy it, on this planet someone dies almost every second or so, if they are starting to come back to life it wont be long until we have all the study subjects we need.

Seriously though, the president thing is worth a second look.

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if there is only one….study it…

More, burn em to hell. quick

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Well if we’re not voting down development of the human bird flu and weaponized flu strains, then mind as well study some zombies.

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Study it.
2 billion people however would worship it.

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Study it. I suggest symbeline for the cause.

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Study it, release it into the wild, and thenGAAAAHHHH….....


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Worst. Nightmare. EVER!

Re-kill it and I’m moving to Mars!

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If you think about it, you know someone is going to lobby for the protection of an endangered species and push to try and have the endangered species homo zombificus placed in an enviroment in which it can grow and thrive without fear of being hunted into extinction. Like a quarantined big city. Lol

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I’d have to agree with @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard. If this zombie is like a movie zombie and a simple bite can fuck everything up, it should probably be disposed of. However, there’s a reason why this happened, and I don’t think we would be able to know what it is, unless we studied the zombie himself. Unless it was something that seemed key obvious, like a chemical spill, a bite from something else, some kind of disease or some other evident marker, we’d have to study it. We would want to know how this happened, and next, to figure out how to prevent it from occurring further, if it’s possible.

But yeah, I can imagine the political outrage, moral issues and aye, some people thinking it’s the Messiah coming back… it would blow everything out of proportion, and making all this bullshit more important than the fact that this is a real zombie.

I might feel bad, closed minded and savage like for voting to destroy the zombie, however…in a world where zombies could exist, that’s what I’d be there for in the first place, anyway. To destroy them. I would also love to study an actual zombie though.

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