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If you have a horde of zombies under your mind control, what would you have it do?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19058points) February 22nd, 2012

Right now, after watching on TV that two journalists got killed in Syria, along with a video of a 4 year old boy dying in his grandmother’s arms, I’m thinking I’m sending my zombie horde to pay the Syrian leader a visit.

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make them walk into a volcano

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Take em to the mall, where else? :D

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I’d take my zombie horde, and attack those who are intervening in the Middle East to steal their resources and claim it as their own while tricking their own country by claiming there is a nuclear threat of these nations when clearly their own country runs off the efficiency of the nuclear power plants scattered all across it’s own country. And I’d name my horde the Immortals.

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Send them to a few people I know and let them free to express themselves!

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Send them to the mall, to buy some new clothes and shoes, have their hair done, visit a beauty parlour, and teach them some etiquettes eat with knives and forks, and such.

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Have them build me a sweet house.

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I’d dress them up like cowboys and use them to deputize punk kids at grocery stores, cowpoke.

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Turn ‘em into zombie barn boys, cooks, house cleaners and spa boys. I’m the old broad these days, I want a harem of studly young colts to do the hard work.

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I’d occupy Wall Street with them.

Pepper Spray immunity, no need to set up tents.

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Send them all to DC and replace the current crop of congress critters, senators and the other elected Civil servant.

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First: mass recording of this song with the zombies singing the chorus.

Second: steal @Imadethisupwithnoforethought‘s idea.

Third: steal @ragingloli‘s idea.

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Clean my refrigerator.

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My personal Mariachi band

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My garden needs a complete overhaul. I would get them weeding, pruning, mowing and if any of them has good knowledge of landscaping… some of that too. I need some more veggie gardens too and a couple of retaining walls!

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Moisturize/deodirize, both essential if they’re to become accepted at social gatherings & what not.

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Save them until Easter.

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~ I would have them stop watching Cable News and I would help find a cure for them… Maybe gainful employment fruit and vegetable picking, or Gold Placing, until the market picks up… Naturally they would have to be paid a living wage but since they are un-dead that shouldn’t be to expensive.

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I would ask Reince Priebus for some practical tips and advice.

But in all seriousness, I would hire them out as security for private events and such. There’s gold in them there zombies. Money to be made.

Roses are red
Dead flesh is green,
When the dead rise to walk,
you’re on my team.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue
if you get bit,
a head shot for you.

I just cleaned my fridge out this morning.

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Let’s just say that things would get interesting in DC ;)

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I’m going to send my horde of 8 billion zombies to the far side of the moon where I will divide them into two groups, Group A who I will set up to defend a certain crater there and Group Z whose mission is to attack and over run it. The zombies have one earth year to prepare and the battle will be filmed.

Tickets for the film, which will be screened in 3D IMAX format in 2014, will cost $100. The film will last 24 hours and will have a special category Z rating due to its ghastly nature and will be titled. “The Battle of the Zombies”. Movie lovers can also place bets in advance on which group they want to triumph. Enjoy!

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I tell them to stop supporting Rick Santorum.

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Inside our skull there are hordes of zombie thought processes going almost undetected by our conscious mind. Science uncovered this interesting fact not too long ago.

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