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How many people who visit here have knitting as a hobby?

Asked by vbarton24 (18points) May 21st, 2008 from iPhone
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I do. Although I still can’t knit to a pattern to save my life :)

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I knit as well

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yeah i hate patterns but have to do them because I knit sample items for a yarn store in my city

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knitters unite woohoo ru on ravelry ?

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I am a knitter… and I am proud! I like doing patterns, more fun that just stocking stitch on it’s own.

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I am going to be making some knit happens merchandise to sell on cafe press pretty soon

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That’s really cool vbarton!

And yea, I wish I could read patterns rather than relying on my own inspiration (which fluctuates). Unfortunately my mum thaught me and she only reads Faroese and Danish patterns, so since I’m living in Ireland it doesn’t really work out….

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Thats awesome though that your mom taught u I just barely learned how to knit three years ago do you continential knit or American knit for your style of knitting?

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My teenage stepdaughters taught me a couple of years ago. I am not the best at it, but I love it. It is so relaxing!

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I’m a crocheter? it’s not as hardcore, i know :), but i live doing it.

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Hmm….I really don’t know. It’s probably ‘continental’ knitting. I just do it the way my mum showed me :)

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So, out of curiosity, what are the rest of ye working on at the moment?

I’m making a mint-green tunik for myself. I’ve finished the back piece and am about half-way with the front.

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I am a knitter, I convinced my friend to start with me. The funny thing is we are both male university students! We have made mittens, hats and scarves.

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I enjoy knitting, but have never gotten into crochet.

I’m not really working on anything at the moment, I started a baby blanket last summer and I’m still quasi-working on that but not much else.

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@koesac- male knitters unite!

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male knitters rule when my son is2 I’m going tostart teaching him how to knit I am currently working on a shrug my sons winter sweater and my winter scarf from interweave knits the chameleon scarf I’m mattress stitching together the individual pieces together right now and working on some washclothes neone have ne good patterns for knitted kitchen items I’m doing a swap is anyone have an account on

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I think it’s so cool that blokes knit too.

But, you’re gonna let your son play with pointy to sharp objects at age 2?


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there are kids needles which r safer and that are safer and why you hold your kid on your lap when u are showing them how to knit and have them in a safe spot when not in use

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ravelry is an awesome online knitting tool with amazing databases of patterns your stash other projects people have done

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I wish I had the dexterity. I sew instead.

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@vbarton – ditto your remarks on Ravelry – what a great site, may it live long and prosper. I love to knit and I always have several projects going – right now I’ve got a pair of socks started (first time I’ve tried socks), also a shawl, and about to start a scarf. I find I like to have at least one project underway that is fairly uncomplicated (a scarf is the perfect example) so I can work on it without counting stitches or consulting a pattern – that way I can work on it during meetings, etc. I find it especially wonderful to take my knitting to meetings where I know the discussion is likely to annoy me! “I knit so I do not kill people” :-) I find that knitting is a meditative activity that keeps me calm in the face of aggravation. I also do a little crocheting – right now, I’m trying to make an amigurumi cat (amineko).

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