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What should I do with all my extra leftover yarn?

Asked by Abby (106points) November 13th, 2006
Any good patterns for scarves, blankets, etc, as well as any general tips would be much appreciated.
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Bring to the local grammar school art dept for arts and crafts..nothing like a hand-crocheted pot holder if you are 7 yrs old..
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your could crochet small squares for a quilt. Also baby booties and baby sweaters.
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You could make small purses and pouches. Also you could just make a bunch of scarves or hats and donate them.
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make a scrap scarf. pick 2 or three colors that contrast nicely and if you have any novelty yarns work them in between the other colors. i like garter stitch, it's quick and easy. i have a scrap scarf and every time i wear it get tons of compliments.
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if you're a crocheter - keep small amounts of yarn for "granny squares" Some of my favorite afghans from my grandma were made with "scrap" yarn.
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make a bird's nest.
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Make a scrap scarf
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Huge and silly and multicolored!!!
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donate it to yarns of love
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Make a funky purse for your Mother or Aunt as a Christmas gift
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Yup, looked like "yam" to me too. I'm sorta disappointed I won't find out some funky use for old yams.

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