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What would you guys and gals do while I'm gone?

Asked by edmartin101 (776points) May 21st, 2008

I am scheduled for a hip replacement tomorrow morning. I’ll be in the hospital for about two weeks. Take care and have fun!!

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Best of luck with the operation and a speedy recovery!

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All hospitals should have wireless access in every room at a minimum.

Good luck with it.

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2 WEEKS!!!???!!! Where you having this done?

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@Cardinal In Singapore. I did check all their credentials and everything seems to match their claims. I did managed to meet some people who have had this kind of surgery b4. The op only lasts for three hours, then I rest for two days. After that I need to start walking again just to make sure ev’rything is ok. I’ll be under medication and check up the whole time I stay there. Doc said two weeks max, it could be less

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one of my best friends has a friend who was just diagnosed with leukemia, and so he’s been and will be stuck in the hospital for a really long time. Anyway my friend has been visiting him and feels bad that he’s cooped up with no internet, so he’s entertaining the idea of some how splicing up an ethernet line on a lower floor and hooking up a linksys like, covered with a box or something so his friend can have myspace, etc.

lol, i dunno, it just seemed relevant :).

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It seems like every time I am in the hospital there are always ethernet jacks in the walls. The last time I was there I had the foresight to bring a cable with me, but there was not an internet line attached to it. BUT if you can find a sympathetic IT person at the hospital, maybe they could help you out?

Maybe bake a cake in the form of a floppy disk? Or use your spare time to make them one of these:

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Best of luck with the operation and recovery!

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you live in Singapore?¿?

You always have such helpfull and awesome answers!

Edmartin totally kicks ass!!

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@ playthebanjo ~ that’s an awesome bag!

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EdMartin101 I got up and read this news and you may be under the knife right now. Your voice will be missed. Speedy recovery and get back here and fluther!

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Hope all goes well and you heal fast!

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Enjoy the pain killers.

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Best of luck, Ed! Get well soon!

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You better come back to fluther! Don’t forget about us. :) good luck.

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Wow, best wishes to you for a speedy recovery! I have a friend who had a hip replacement several months ago, it must be in fashion.

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you’ll be in our prayers! Hurry back as I shall miss your sometime controversial Q&A’s! So until then, I shall float along in lifes big ocean!

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Hello everybody, thank you for all your wishes about my speedy recovery. I was actually only 5 days in the hospital then I was ready to walk out. Got home on Tuesday, then on Wednesday I began the grueling workout of walking with crutches. It was painful but I had to do it. I wanted to get back in shape to go to work. I have some customers waiting for me. The doc told me I should use the crutches for about three months, well it just so happens due to the total workout I was getting every three hours, that my hip muscle began to shape up and in just three days later I literally had no need for crutches. Now I can walk w/o pain for about 1.5 miles a day. You see, I had a sense of urgency to get back to normal life again that pushed me to do more. I was on fluther killers I guess. I was just exercising and sleeping back and forth all day. Tomorrow morning I go back to hospital for check up. I guess just to be on the safe side, I would take the crutches with me, huh! otherwise the doc will scold me, man. I still can’t run, but I am sure one more week will do it.
Thanks to you all !!!

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Good on ya edmartin…...keep up the speedy recovery.

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