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I need new songs for my Ipod, any suggestions?

Asked by Heavymetalhippie87 (37points) January 27th, 2012

Please no modern music, I only really listen to Thrash Metal, 60’s pop/rock, Grunge, 70’s rock….50’s is good too! I don’t mean to sound like a Hipster, but no mainstream, radio-friendly songs. I am looking for songs that are hidden gems from the past.


p.s. For the love of god no AC/DC…

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Here’s three to try…..

My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama – Frank Zappa
Sea Song – Robert Wyatt
Cat Food – King Crimson

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Prodigal Son- The Amboy Dukes. The full version has a nice, jazzy interlude but I couldn’t find it on YT.

Dirty Love- Mothers of Invention.

Heartbreaker- Lewd Zeppelin.

Good Morning Little Schoolgirl- Johnny Winter/Rick Derringer.

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these are good, thanks. I actually have all Led Zep songs though, that Prodigal man song is brilliant btw, nice one!

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Here are some of my favorite thrash albums:
Demolition Hammer- Epidemic of Violence
Sadus- Illusions
Kreator- Terrible Certainty
Sodom- Agent Orange
Hypnosia- Extreme Hatred

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I would check out the band Hurt (NOT Hurts, that is totally different). They are a newer band but have a 90’s alternative rock feel to them. I too wanted new music for my ipod and they quickly became one of my favorites.

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