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Would anyone like to explore and find new music with me?

Asked by SergeantQueen (12874points) May 22nd, 2018

I’ve found a website called Every Noise which lists a ton of musical genres that you can click on, and then a lot more artists in each genre. You can even search artists and find related genres and artists.
I’ve discovered a ton of new, great music by clicking on random genres that sounded interesting and just exploring. It’s a lot of fun.
My favorite so far is Unknown Mortal Orchestra.
I’ve downloaded the songs onto my phone of the artists I’ve found and have a playlist dedicated to the new music.
Care to share what you’ve discovered?

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How can I know the titles of the songs? I clicked on the composer and I could only hear music.

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I’d love to check it out but it is past my bedtime. I’ll do my best to check it out first thing in the morning & let you know what I discover!!!

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An interesting site. Thanks for the link.

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@Mimishu1995 if you are on computer and you hover over it you should see. Not sure on phone.

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As promised, I went to visit this site when I got my day started. I had accidentally discovered this site before, found it confusing, & quickly lost interest. Once my ADD kicked in I had wandered off elsewhere never to remember to return. With your excitement, I looked at it with “new eyes”. I’m a huge Blues fan. I think my first trip to the site, I enjoyed some of the landing page music but found no Blues. Well, this morning I discovered their Blues section with many artists that I know I’ll like & many that i didn’t recognize their names. Just got called that I’m needed on one of my volunteer assignments, so once again Imust say that I’ll get back with you later!!!

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The first name came to my mind when I searched was “Erik Satie” yeah, I have developed an obsession for Satie and wanted to find similar artists lately. I pressed “enter” and it gave me 2 tags: classical and early modern classical. I clicked on the latter because it fitted Satie’s style better. Now I’m still busy checking out all the artists because there are so many of them. My favorite so far is Maurice Ravel’s Pavane pour un Infante Defunte. It’s very similar to Gymnopedie and isn’t overused.

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This reminds me of, a site I discovered once years ago (and have posted about here several times), where you can enter the name of a composer or band (maybe song? I’m not sure about that), and the algorithm will match “that name” against others like it, with a proximity indicator to show (same as this site seems to), which artists are closer, and which not so close.

I like this, because it enables searches for particular types of music. Cool. Thanks.

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