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Share your musical lurve! What band/music are you listening to that I may never of heard before?

Asked by Cruiser (40421points) December 22nd, 2009

I love music just about more than anything but I can get bogged down with the same old rock and roll. What music do you listen to that you think is awesome that I or others might also enjoy listening to?

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Dirty Projectors
The Decemberists
Neko Case
The Fiery Furnaces

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Fifteen brings me back to my past.

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Danny and the boys just over the hill where I live. A Southern Country/Rock Band.

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@johnpowell Thanks for the suggestion and the link!

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@eponymoushipster I know Portishead but the others is a lot of homework for me! Thanks for the suggestions!

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Well if you like R&B at all, you might like to sample a bit of funk rock from Mother’s Finest.

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Some alternative and electronic bands you may want to look into:
Dog Fashion Disco
Electric Six
Foxy Shazam

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The Levellers! :-/
@ this moment in time!

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I’ve been obsessing over All That Remains for quite a while, but other than that I usually just have my iPod on shuffle so no special selection out of my 17Gig span of tunes.

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My favourite at the moment is Area.

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“Renaissance”; an English progressive rock band that performed a fusion of rock, folk and classical forms. Their most famous works, from the 1970s, include: “Ashes are Burning”, “Mother Russia”, Northern Lights” and “Scheherazade”.

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All that remains, in this moment, Dj tiesto, paul oakenfold, roy ayers, daft punk, St. Germain, pretty much any chill out/lounge music. Thievery corporation.

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The Apples in Stereo
Boards of Canada
Prefuse 73

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This older rock and roll song will blow your mind. it will also get you off your feet and make you start dancing. give it a shot….....Shake Your Tail Feather….go for it!

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* Kane, Dutch band, they are awesome, still active, most representative song, “rain down on me”
* Suede, English band, they started the brit-pop movement, disbanded in ‘03 most representative track outside the UK was 1996 single “trash”
* Pulp, English band, active for almost 25 years, disbanded in ‘02, they had a very nice long ride, most representative songs are those included in the soundtracks of Trainspotting and Great Expectations, they were not that big outside the U.K., one of their breaking moments happened when they released their single “Disco 2000” awesome song and delightful video
* Blur, the other half of the brip-pop war, the first half being Oasis, most representative track “boys ‘n girls”
* The Verve, amazing English band, most representative tracks are “sonnet” and “Bittersweet symphony”
* Enigma, musical project, most representative track, 1990 “Sadness”
* Manic Street Preachers
* The Stereophonics
* Simply Red
* Everything but the girl, amazing duo that started in 1982 still active, big break in 1995 with “missing” all of their discography is worth to be in any respectable collection
* Gorillaz, first digital project founded by Damon Albarn, good music no doubt about it…

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The Electric Prunes!

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@SABOTEUR I don’t own any but MF definitely kicks it out! Thanks!

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I’m listening to a hogdepodge of

and Kreator

right now. Just another random mix. ^_^ A little prog, a little metal.

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Here is a better one…...The Contours…Do You Love Me!!!!!

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Does It Offend You, Yeah?
Department of Eagles
Fleet Foxes
Erase Errata
TV on the Radio

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What generation of songs are you looking for?

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The Mars Volta

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From Autumn to Ashes

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The Postal Service

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Stabbing Westward

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Ra Ra Riot
Los Campesinos
Yo La Tengo
Jonathan Coulton
Angus & Julia Stone
Orba Squara
The Submarines

*Names in spanish are not spanish language bands

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If you like Rock please don’t miss out on a band that had their 15 minutes in the “70’s: Babe Ruth. Black Dog is simply a great rock tune. Check them out….

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities I love Minus The Bear, I can’t find a song from before Menos El Oso that I dislike.

Oh yeah and OP check out That Handsome Devil for I sound I know not he words to explain.

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2 Skinnee J’s.

Lurve ‘em! :)

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Neutral Milk Hotel. Elbow?

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Oh, and one other band that I could never get enough of: Arctic Monkeys.

@Anon_Jihad Thanks, I agree. Their acoustic album is also amazing.

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Ohh! One more band that doesn’t stink: Who Toasted the Fart. The vocals are tight and the vibe is incredible.

ok ok I am such a liar, but after i clicked out of the thread this name came to me and I said, Sue go right ahead and type it. I apologize, but not so much so that I will moderate myself. Sorry. I suck some days.

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@john65pennington I will take any suggestion! I grew up on dixieland and ragtime so that, to jazz, to rock to new music I like most anything though never been a big fan of rap or hip hop. I love acoustic guitar and really good vocal music too. Instrumental music that breaks new ground would be of an interest to me too!

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That is a great name for a band! There’s a great one, too, called “Gardy-Loo!” – which is what people used to call out the window before dumping a chamber pot into the street.

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Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Mother Mother
The Frames

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The Pica Beats
Le Loup
Thao and the Get Down Stay Downs
A.A. Bondy
Cave Singers
Skit Kids
El Dopa (1332 from Oakland)

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@Haroot Very cool! I did not know any of that music and really liked all of it. Some really good songs in that group! Thanks a bunch!

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@andrewmgsutton Lurve for Godspeed!

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Kate Lee and her group No Strings Attached

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World Party
Ingrid Michaelson

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This whole thread and nobody’s mentioned Bob Willis and the Texas Playboys??


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Arcade Fire, Epony’s suggestions, Muse, MSTRKRFT, Thievery Corporation, Brazilian Girls, Jeff Buckley, Antony and the Johnsons, Elbow, Le Peuple de l’Herbe, Camera Obscura, Doves, Nightmares on Wax, Metric. MGMT, Libertines, Emily Haines (from Metric) and the Soft Skeleton, Peter Murphy, Wanda Jackson, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, The Presets, Deer Hunter.

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E.S. Posthumus.
They are responsible for some of the best music in film trailers you’ll ever hear.

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@jmah lurve for arcade fire, muse, THIEVERY IS THE SHIT, and Metric.

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The Moldy Peaches!

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I just remembered.. thinking about the style of music you said you liked and would consider listening to, i would try the 500 days of Summer soundtrack.

There’s some great tunes on there.

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Literally right now the Klezmonauts! They do Klezmir Christmas songs and it’s hilarious. Check them out!

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Dunno anything about rock music, I listen to these genres:

Happy Hardcore
UK Hardcore
Funky House
Drum n Bass
Bassline House
Disco House
Hard NRG

My – Got pretty music everything I have listened to for the past few years.

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I second RJD@, the Decemberists, Neko Case, Minus the Bear, Arctic Monkeys, Yo La tengo, The Mars Volta, Muse, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Neutral Milk Hotel, Department of Eagles, etc.

VHS or Beta
TV on the Radio
Patrick Wolf
The Ladybug Transistor
Josh Ritter
Jesca Hoop
Tom Waits
Elf Power
...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
Gogol Bordello

(not because I consider any of them little-known though, just because I really like them)

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I don’t want to hear anything about this, because the question is what music I listen to…

If you are willing to listen to a little rap, listen to Lil Wyte – Oxycotten, or anything by SPM (South Park Mexican).

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Here are a few that aren’t very well known:

Air France
Big Rock Candy Mountain
The Most Serene Republic
The Static Jacks
We Were Promised Jetpacks
Tokyo Police Club (absolutely no relation to Tokyo Hotel)

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Korpiklanni- Pellonpekko
Mo-Do – Eins Zwei Polizei
Dj Scooter- Ramp The Logical Song

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I can’t believe i left out Sigur Ros
Edit: In the waiting line, red dust, destiny, likufanele and morning song by Zero 7 are also super awesome.

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The new Zero 7 album’s pretty sweet

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Ah, @sndfreQ, I’m with ya there, buddy. Some chill vibes.

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The Misfits
The Exploited
Drop Kick Murphy’s
Stockyard Stoiks

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@sndfreQ Thank you for your suggestion I had not heard of 07 before and very soothing.

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@Cruiser right on, but they spell it Zero 7 hehe don’t know why!? They have guest vocalists on each album, many of them have spun off and done solo work (Sia, Jose Gonzalez, for example).

Some other artists in their realm (sort of): Theivery Corporation, Portishead, Morcheeba, Brightblack Morning Light, Explosions in the Sky

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They’re experimental, electronic and dance-y… They’re from Bristol, England… Ladies and gentlemen… The Fuck Buttons!:

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@sndfreQ you’re my kinda fella. Theivery is a favorite o’ mine. Somersault, my all-time favorite song.

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@jmah i can totally picture you lounging around listening to Thievery Corporation… (specifically Indra) looking all sexy with a martini in your hand… But i have a song I think you might like, “This love” by Cocteau Twins + Massive Attack. Total sexmusic… i think you’ll enjoy it!

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Ooo, @Doc, let me check it out. I lurve both bands..

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@jmah and if you like that…. another suggestion for sexmusic (one of my faves) would be Groove Armada’s “Edge hill”

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Jackie Greene, The Avett Brothers, Sleep Station, Benga, Little People, Asamov, Sage Francis, Bear vs. Shark, Blue Scholars, Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly, Brett Dennen, Nina Simone, Portugal. The Man, Ronald Jenkees, RJD2, Cage, Shwayze, The Color Fred, Styrofoam, Whitey, Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, El-p, HardNox, Sufjan Stevens, State Radio, We Are Scientists.

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Casting Crowns
Third Day
Rush of Fools

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@Allie I like a lot of your suggestion TYVM!

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@Cruiser You’re very welcome. =)

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my current new discovery is “Alo and the Narcissist”
Here is their website:

Hope you like it! :)

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4 Year Bender-A band from San Francisco with New Orleans roots. I discovered them on CD Baby
There’s just something so appealing about the lead singer’s voice. You can hear some clips here

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