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If I'm going to sell only two collectible statues, is going to Ebay worth the effort?

Asked by mazingerz88 (25284points) January 27th, 2012

I’m planning to sell a great Spiderman statue and one of Superman as well. Would bringing them to Ebay going to cost me? What are other ways for me to reach the market for these collectibles?

Would you know of a great website, aside from the famous big ones where I could offer these items for free? Thanks!

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A great website?
It starts with an F.

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For free? Freecycle them in your local.
Otherwise, offer them to someone here…or put them up for sale on Craiglist.

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Free? PM me – I’ll pay for postage and handling.

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@zensky Ha ha no, I should have posted, “where I could advertise these items for free” instead of “offer these items for free”. Anyway here’s the Superman statue I have and the Spidey statue. : )

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Why not sell it there?

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@zensky You mean Ebay-? Yes, I just want to get a quick feedback from someone who has possibly Ebay selling experience on whether that would be the best thing to go about it, considering I only have two items.

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@mazingerz88 I have an eBay store, now…but when I started I’d sell one thing at a time, here & there.

Yes, it’s worth it to get some money for stuff you no longer need or want. My husband has sold one thing here or there also. Often the items he’d sell were computer or electronic related and would sell quickly.

Since these are collectibles, look up what they are selling for regularly. To do that, look up the items, then on the left -hand side of the listings page scroll down to “show only” and check “Completed listings”.

Next, decide if you’ll do an auction, or a buy-it-now. If doing an auction start with a low bidding price, but have a reserve set at the lowest you’re willing to accept.

I can certainly assist you with any other questions you have.

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@SpatzieLover Terrific, thanks so much!

I’m curious whether there are fees ( one time, monthly etc. ) for opening an Ebay account and how do they make money from member sellers and for how much? How “friendly” is it as a website for small time sellers-? : )

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Opening an account on ebay is free. You can buy & sell at will. You’ll need to create a Paypal account so you can get paid from your buyers.

You can look at the ebay selling fees here. Many sellers are “small” part-time sellers. As long as you’re fair and advertise your items accurately, you’ll have no issues selling your items.

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