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Which dead or fictional celebrity do you think would be the best Jelly?

Asked by downtide (23468points) October 20th, 2012

Who would ask the greatest questions and give the greatest answers, and why?

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At the head of my list would be Bill Clinton. The man has a truly brilliant mind as well as a great personality.

Since I’m not really sure if you want us to limit it to just one, I gave you first on my list but I’ve got several others that I think would really liven up the place.

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George Carlin. This place would never be a snore with his involvement. I wonder how long he would last before he was banned. ;)

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Jack Kerouac with his manic creativity and Benzadrine-driven polygraphia.

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Betty White. She would liven up this joint.

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Jackson Pollack or maybe one of the great philosophers such as Plato or Socrates.

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Frank Zappa would be a great Jelly.

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Oscar Wilde – hands down!

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Jon Stewart. Wouldn’t he be stimulating and fun?

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Buckminster Fuller.His questions would be intriguing, and his answers would be from an angle different from anyone else.

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Bugs Bunny, he works for carrots and has great common sense.

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Oscar Wilde would be wonderful. Living? I would love to see Aaron Sorkin.

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Some great answers here. I was thinking that Sherlock Holmes would give great answers too.

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Karl Marx.With Engels/ Lenon, and oh what the hell: John Lennon. Holy shit that would be fun and then Karl Rove, Regan, and Limbaugh to battle with.

flag, flag, flag

why is it important they be dead or fictional?

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Oh crap, I didn’t notice the part that they had to be dead. Betty White isn’t dead. Sorry for not reading more carefully.

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I chose dead or fictional so that it would be impossible for them to join Fluther in reality. The speculation is more fun that way.

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I’m another who didn’t read carefully enough. For dead, I’d suggest Dorothy Parker, a female who could hold her own and better in a pack of literary wits.

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Jane Austen would be another candidate from me. I suspect she could answer all those “Does he like me?” questions.

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Isaac Asimov

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Thomas Jefferson, to put all of our questions involving US politics to rest.

Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking, to put all of our science questions to rest.

Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, etc. to put all of our religious questions to rest.

Plato, Socrates, etc. to put all of our philosophical questions to rest.

Google, to put a lot of these questions to rest.

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Chubby Brown.

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Endora Agnes Moorehead from the old Bewitched series. She was in a league of her own and reminds me of me! lol
A wittier and more sarcastic and clever witch never lived!
I want to be Endora in my older age, which is fast approaching. haha

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@PhiNotPi Stephen Hawking isn’t dead yet, either. In fact my office received a letter from him just a month or two ago. Everyone was all excited about it.

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Kenny Everett

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@downtide Depending on your frame of reference, he could be dead. :)
General relativity joke.

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The author of the Devil’s Dictionary, Ambrose Bierce.

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Samuel Clemens.

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Mitch Hedberg might be fun to have around.

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Jekyll and Hyde.

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Dostoevsky, Marx, Humbert Humbert, Valentine Michael Smith. I bet Emily Dickinson would also be pretty cool.

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Marcel Marceau

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I’m thinking Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt. They’d be kind of like the vintage equivalent of the Blondsjonses!

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@downtide: “Which dead or fictional celebrity do you think would be the best Jelly?”

@Buttonstc: “At the head of my list would be Bill Clinton.”


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I’d like to hear from Eleanor Roosevelt.

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@Kardamom I’m kind of guessing the Blonds don’t have quite the same relationship as the Roosevelts did!

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Victor Hugo’s input would be interesting right now.

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I don’t think that dead or fictional characters would add a thing to Fluther. After all, they can’t even read, much less type.

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@CWOTUS Party pooper!

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It really depends. Different people have different interests, strengths, etc. So I don’t think I’d limit it to just one person. Also, while there are tons of people I’d like to meet, Fluther is an online forum where good writing/structure in one’s answer is crucial, so that excludes quite a few historical personages (some of whom may be fascinating in themselves, but not as articulate as we might like them to be!). That said, here’s my answer.

Like others here, I’d be interested in what Thomas Jefferson, Mark Twain, and Oscar Wilde have to say on a variety of topics.

Others I’d submit for membership here include Voltaire, Thomas Paine, Ann Landers, Teddy Roosevelt, Molly Ivins, Dorothy Parker, Simone de Beauvoir, and Sir Richard Burton (the explorer). I’m sure I could come up with more, but that’s a good start for now.

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Personally I would love to read Dorothy Parker. She was brillaint, witty, moody, of stong opinion and her ability to utilize words to maximize their effect was stunning.
Though Jack Kerouac and Mitch Hedburg would be a nice addition as well. I must need wittiness today.
On a more serious note who would dissent with Kahlil Gibran? I am certain someone would and that might be me. But I would definately respect him.

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Truman Capote.

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Edgar Allan Poe. Drunken Fluthering or “Flunkering”, as some of us have called it, is awesome. I can only imagine the stuff Poe would Flunker.

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William Shakespeare would be outstanding if only to catch the first thread where he and @gailcalled threw down over grammar.

My personal preference would be Genghis Khan so I could Shatner scream his name every time we disagreed.

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^^ You are on fire!!!

I wouldn’t mind seeing Jesus and Gandhi go into the relationship questions.

‘Course I’d love to see Julia Child and Guy Fieri on our food related questions.

Wouldn’t mind hearing Dr. Seuss chime in. Would you could you with a married man? Would you could you live in tenements with your friend with benefits?

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@gailcalled would rip him a new one. You know Shakespeare was the first person to use “U” in place of “You”, right? ^_^

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Or we just ask @dpworkin to come back who knew everything! ~

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@janbb: Who knew everything and reminded everyone else that they were an idiot!

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@janbb Would that be in the dead category or the fictional category?

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@YARNLADY Well, I’m pretty sure he’s not dead but I may have made him up.

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