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"Sometimes I wish I hadn't been born (at all)." A question on this saying [inside].

Asked by rebbel (35552points) January 27th, 2012

Probably you have heard somebody saying this line before?
Maybe even said (or thought) it yourself.
Now, imagine that you, being an egg or a spermazoid, knew about life and life’s troubles and daily pursuits, and you were milliseconds from entering the egg or being entered by the spermazoid, would you decide to ward off/swim on?
Or do you, with all its pros and cons in mind, love life, and are you happy that you have been put here?

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I love life. I love being immersed in reality. I wouldn’t trade being alive for anything!

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I am truly ecstatic at the thought that it was me that happened to be created… I’ve had times where I wanted to kill myself. But honestly, life’s worth too much to just throw it away. I love living. I love the thought that there is so much out there that I haven’t yet seen, or been to, or heard, or know of. And I love knowing that I have the chance to go out and get it.

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Given the alternatives, the opportunity cost isn’t high. So sure, mount that egg!

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Living is well worth it. Not living would suck bawlz, because you wouldn’t experience the greatness that is seafood and sex.

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Thanks, @rebbel… now I’ll have that Queen song stuck in my head all night

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I love my life even though it is not perfect.

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Life’s pretty okay. I’m cool with it. I only say that when I’m doing taxes and such.

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Regardless of everything, I’m glad to be here. That’s that :)

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That would depend on if being sperm or an egg was a lot more epic than right now. If I was either one of those but with a fully human developed conscience who already knew everything that I currently do now, I’d probably go on, or accept being penetrated. It’s pretty magnificent that I made it to the egg first, considering how many spermatozoa were trying to get there. I beat them to it though, those fuckers. And if I knew all this shit while swimming around, I could try to anticipate my life and make it more what I want it to be, instead of living by trial and error or…whatever living life is called. Yeah, I wouldn’t object.

Also, I love the whole [inside] wordplay thing you got goin down…

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I’d let the sperm break on through for sure. Even though the sperm that created me was that of an utter p***k, no pun intended I’m still very grateful to be here, learning, living and more importantly lovin’ ;)

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There have been times I’ve said and believed that I’d rather not have been born. Now, though, I’m glad I was.

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The more decades that roll on, the more peace and joy is open to be received by you. You will have experienced the spectrum of human essential content and have formed good understanding of self and others. It is a great story that unfolds at various tempos, not like a novel that you judge early and abandon even at the cover stage or simply flip through and shelve. We are all billionaires to be the winners at the race our parents entered us in.

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Thanks, guys and gals!
I’m happy to be alive too.

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Honestly, truly, at this point, I would’ve kept on.

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given the possible alternatives…... yeah

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