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If you were about to die, and could only make one phone call, who would you call?

Asked by Sakata (3347points) February 9th, 2009
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My sister.

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Another doctor for a second opinion.

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Too hard! I have 3 kids, a husband and a best friend…I’d want to talk to them all.

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I figured my family would be there with me. No need to call them.
So I’d probably just be on my iPhone fluthering ‘til the end.

Dying on fluther. I ought to get some pretty good lurve for that!

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depends on the time of day. Either my sister or my dad (assuming I had only a few mins, for example if I’d been in an accident and was bleeding to death). If I had time and only had one phonecall (eg I was arrested and would be executed in a few hours), then maybe my gf, then she’d call the others. If it was something fixable I’d try to leave my dad out of it.

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If she wasn’t by my side, I would call my mother. No question about it.

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Joe Pesci.

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I have no idea. I will ponder this and return sober.

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My sister Ruth who is my best friend and would be able to convey all my thoughts and wishes for everyone else perfectly.

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I’d call the undertaker. Make my wish known that I wanna be buried with a pack of camel cigs, a fifth of jack daniels, and a roll of dimes to make phone calls from heaven. (I’ve heard reception there sucks.)

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Firstly, can you make the call for someone to actually come save you? And secondly, does the Bat Signal count as some kind of call? I mean if anyone could save you from impending death it would be Batman I reckon.

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some booty…

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I’d put in a long distance call to St. Peter and have him polish the Pearly Gates and roll out the red carpet prior to my arrival. I’ve lived a righteous life so hopefully I’ve earned the fanfare.

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My fiance without a doubt. I would expect to be his last call as well.

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Blondesjon, of course.

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@bluefreedom: are you serious?? If so, that is works righteousness theology and not a bit humble. Good luck with that.

I would call my beloved, my husband.

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I’d call Verizon and cancel my phone service.

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My boyfriend of course..he lives far away and couldn’t be with me. :(

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@cdwccrn. I’m not that serious. I don’t really think you can direct dial Heaven (from ANY phone) and I highly doubt that St. Peter is actually waiting at something called the Pearly Gates to welcome people into the afterlife. The red carpet might be real though. You never know.

By the way, it’s hard to be humble when you’re as good as I am.

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Assuming I was alone – say a car accident and my family wasn’t with me, my husband. No hesitation.

If my husband and children were there, my mother – to thank her for everything.

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@Bluefreedom what is your theme song, Blue? “Oh Lord, it’s hard to be humble when you’re perfect in every way”? LOL

One call would never do it for me. I have too many people who I’d want to talk to.

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@jbfletcherfan – heehee!! Excellent choice! Blue is awesome, though!

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@cak Oh, yeah….....I KNOW that! :-)

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If I’m dying of old age in a bed I would assume my family is with me so I’d probably call whoever I know that’s NOT dead already and NOT with me…

If I’m in an accident and dying….my mom….probably….depends on if she’s in a meeting or not…cause…well…I only get one call and I’d hate to waste it on voice mail.

If I’m dying in a truly spectacular and bizarre way it would be my brother without a doubt, just to say “Oh my god…so…guess where I am?” (although….he may very well be WITH me if that were to happen – in which case I would call my best friend)

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I would call in sick to my job.

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@galileogirl – oh geez. I never thought about that! (self-employed!)

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Wife and kids (fortunately they all live in the same place)

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@galileogirl I would ACTUALLY call in dead….mostly because I have wanted to do that during really really busy weeks.

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my grandmother. She’s the only person in my life that’s done right by me 100% of the time. I mean, never been anything but the best she could be for me.

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My mother, no question. But I’m also not married, or in love, for that matter, and have no kids. I suppose my answer might change if those circumstances changed. But, as it stands right now, it’d definitely by my mom. If my mother had already passed on, then it would be my brother.

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My boyfriend…

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I would call my grandmother and have her to a 3 way all with my Boyfriend and my Brother

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@Emdean1: You would ask your grandmother to have a 3-way with your boyfriend & brother? Kind of a strange last request.~

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@Sakata Exactly what I thought when I first read that. I had to say “what?!” and re-read. :)

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Chuck Norris.

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@90s_kid Chuck Norris wouldn’t answer your phone call because he would already read your mind…

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@sakata I guess that didn’t come out the way i was thinking in my head. :)

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Yeah, I’m going 911.

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My father.
He’s already passed.
But I’d call him, he’d pick up..from Heaven of course and I’d be all like “Yo Pops, I’ve missed you but guess what? I’m coming to Heaven. Expect me in.”

…It’d be marvelous.

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if I had a long time to be on the phone I would call my mum and get her to bring everyone to my house so I could say goodbye to all of my loved ones on the phone. If I only had one short call I would call me mum and tell her all I needed to tell her, Im sure she would pass the message onto my family. :)

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I’d call mom dukes. She heard my first words and I imaging that she would want to hear my last…


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I agree with the mom people. I’m also not in a relationship, however, so circumstances could change.

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my mother

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actually – on second thought – my s/o

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my attorney to make that one last change in my will…finally, the last word would be mine! :)

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@Sakata Too funny, Verizon would still charge you! I had hell with them after my grandpa died… they wouldn’t let me cancel his service, cuz I was not him. Took 3 copies of the death certificate, certified mail to get it handled!

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It depends on the style of death. If I could warn someone not to do what I did, then it would be that. If it was a freak accident I would call either mother or father. I would call my friend if he was about to attempt what got me on this position. If possible I would call a new York loud speaker and just plain scream my face off.

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Ummmm, my insurance agent . . . make sure the policy is in force and all the t’s are crossed and i’s dotted . . .

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first person to come to mind would be my dad, always been a daddys girl, but knowing me it’d be to that person who saves and frames ppls skin when they have a heck of alot of tattoos, i put too much time and money into my inked skin to have it burried in the ground…

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An important person and ask him to write down my final will and message for everybody

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(brain explodes!)

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Ma belle (My beautiful) and tell her everything I’ve kept inside, and tell her all she’s done for me, and that I’m so happy for what little time we got together.

Tell her to tell my brother that even though at times it may seem I’m a jerk and we hate each other, he didn’t do half bad as a big bro and he ALWAYS had my back.

Tell her to tell my dad to say he did great, my parents and such. etc. etc.

But mostly my girl, to her, i owe it all.

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My son :)

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I’d call David Lynch and ask him to explain what the HELL that ‘Sunset Boulevard’ was supposed to be about….

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Dial a prayer, I guess.

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