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"And a woman gave birth to a baby and then bowled 257." Excerpt from a Crowded House song. Know of any other awe-inspiring achievements?

Asked by rebbel (35369points) January 28th, 2012

That line from that Crowded House song alway baffled me.
I mean, bowling 257 is already quite an achievemnet in itself, but to give birth to a baby, seconds before doing so is really a tour de force….
Do you know of other stunts any great feat followed by an ever bigger one (or vice versa)?
Of course you may make one up, if you please.

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Preface with: I’m not Vietnamese

In Vietnamese history there are two sisters (Trong?) who led a rebellion against the Chinese in something like 23. They were historical figures, but many tidbits can’t be proved as anything but folklore. One of those tidbits is that one of their generals left the hand to hand fighting to retire a bit from the front line, give birth, and then went back to fighting.

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I find Kurt Fearnley to be incredible. If he had no disability his feats would be awe-inspiring, given he has no legs, just wow. People like this are inspirational to me.

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I broke my arm when I was 10 and in Little League, and I hit a home run in a ball game.

Of course, there were two years elapsed betweeen the two events.

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I still can barely fathom the US putting a man on the moon.

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My brother was in a cross country motorcycle race. Rugged, rugged course in Mexico, mainly professional and retired professional riders. He was on a climb when the front wheel got caught in a rut. The handle bars snapped back and broke two of his ribs. He fell to the ground writhing and screaming. Then in the distance, he heard the next group of riders and realized due to the dust in air that they wouldn’t be able to see him or the bike. So he got back up, started the bike, and finished the stage – another 5 miles.

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